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Condition and security submission

Our documents are provided in PDF (Portable Document Format) files, if you have not already installed Acrobat Reader, please click here


1.  General conditions for procurement

2.  Additional conditions applied to a rent order

Advice on submission of security for order

In case an order security is required, the vendor can choose to submit it in either one of the following forms e.g. cash or cashier check  made payable to PTT Public Company Limited which has to be placed at the Domestic Cash Management Division. Bring the receipt to the division  directly in charge of the procurement to append the signature on the order. Other forms of the security are bank guarantee, Thai Government Bond, PTT Bond and PTT Debenture. All of the security shall not dictate expiration date. Please append signatures on the Order at the division directly in charge of the procurement.

Advice on request to return order security


Vendors wishing PTT to return the security are advised to follow these procedures.

For the security in form of cash or cashier check, please contact the direct department in charge of that procurement.

With respect to the security in the form of Bank guarantee, Thai Government Bond, PTT Bond and PTT Debentures, please contact the division directly in charge of the procurement or the Insurance and Asset Management Department to return the security.