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Our Business

PTT Board of Directors give policy on Rolls-Royce case, supporting NACC investigation process

A lesson in corruption prevent them from happening again in the future.

PTT corporates with NACC, promptly proceed legal action if offenders found

PTT aims clear anti-corruption policy. Operates with transparency According to the principles of corporate governance.

PTT adheres to transparency by probing the Rolls Royce bribery

PTT confirms to proceed in this matter very seriously and urgently. To be clear and transparent.

PTT starts investigating Rolls-Royce Bribery, targets to report to board of committee next week

If found guilty It is carried out according to regulations and laws.

Photo Caption : PTT OBA hosts “CEO Forum” bringing together high efficient state enterprises

Improve the management of oil and coffee to the people of Thailand and the Thailand Brand entrepreneurial SME.

Photo Caption : PTT strengthens flood relief in southern areas

PTT to speed relief distribution on target.

PTT strengthens flood relief in southern areas

Please ensure that PTT is still able to manage energy in the southern hemisphere. The reserves are sufficient to meet the demand of the people.

Photo Caption : PTT follows the King’s footstep on education by granting more than 2,500 Thai youth scholarships

With support education through scholarships PTT continuously since 2539 onwards