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Our Business

Seeking allies for national energy security, PTT Group showcases capability at GASTECH 2014”

South Korea Seek Energy Alliance Strengthen the long-term stability to the country.

Photo Caption : PTT’s CEO bestowed “Engineer Emeritus” recognition

Was awarded the EIT. Clemency for the first and only time.

Shareholder's Meeting

Shareholder's Meeting

photo Caption : PTT named “Best Investor Relations in ASEAN”

By considering the management and operation of corporations and financial institutions and foreign investment in Southeast Asia. Rules are strict and fair.

PTT, Royal Thai Army, network associates combat nationwide drought under Public-Private Sector Combat Drought

PTT has supported "The Confederate rank fight the drought," continued annually since 2542 to the present.

PTT Rayong wins inaugural promotion to TPL soccer, spends over Baht 100 million, rallies Rayong fan club under new slogan

PTT Rayong FC budget of 100 million baht a major battle to fight Toyota Thailand Premier League.

“Art Combats Global Warming” free workshop staged for youths ahead of “Thailand Green Watch” contest

Held so that all sectors are aware of environmental issues.

Photo Caption : Commemoration of a great monarch staged by CU Alumni Association

Commemoration of King Rama V Chulalongkorn Rama 5 consecutive days.

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