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Aviation Fuel


PTT has been undoubtedly one of the most trusted names for quality aviation fuel for more than a decade. More than 30 international airlines operating in and out of Thailand including Qantas, Thai Airways International, ANA, KLM, Singapore Airlines and China Airlines have relied on PTT jet fuel.
PTT has followed the internationally-recognised JIG Guidelines to ensure the  quality of its jet fuel supply to airliners. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system has also been for smooth and efficient communication with airline customers.
    Product Type/Standard
JET A 1 for commercial airlines AFQRJOS Check list or DEF STAN 91-91 ASTM D 1655-99 for Aviation Turbine Fuel
JP-8 MIL -DTL 83133E (Grade JP-8)
JP-5 ML-DTL-5624 T (Grade JP-5)
Aviation Refueling
Today, PTT is a major supplier of aviation fuel at most of airports in Thailand. The aircraft fueling service is supported by on-site aviation fuel storage tanks which are linked with PTT's main terminal by extensive network of both onland and waterway transportation , thus ensuring prompt and steady flow of quality fuel to airlines.
PTT's Aviation Fuel Marketing and Shipping Division provides technical and commercial advice for the supply of aviation fuel to respond to your demand.
For more information, please contact:
Aviation Sales Division
Tel. +66 (0) 2537-3657, +66 (0) 2537-3673, +66 (0) 2537-3693, +66 (0) 2537-3717

Fax. +66 (0) 2537-3675, +66 (0) 2537-3716