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PTT invests in refining business through its 3 subsidiaries. PTT not only supplies crude which is procured from both domestic and international sources for all those refineries but also off-takes petroleum products from them, in term of PTT shareholding ratio in each refinery.

In spite of the existing up-to-date technology and high efficiency of production, PTT Group still attempts to enhance the competitiveness of its refining business by investing in related businesses which are petrochemical, lube base, electrical generation, marine shipping, and alternative fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel.

Refining Knowledge

Affiliates in Refining Business Group


Thai Oil Public Company Limited (TOP)

Refining capacity 275,000 barrels per day

Main products :

  • Light products : LPG , Gasoline, Mixed Xylene, Reformate ,and Isomerate
  • Middle Distillate : Jet Fuels and Diesel
  • Heavy Products: Fuel oil, Long Residue and Bitumen


PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC)

  • PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) has a refining capacity of 280,000 barrels per day that produces petroleum products, utilities and feedstock for petrochemicals.
  • PTTGC is the biggest total integrated petrochemical and refining complex in Thailand and also ranked among the top in Asia-Pacific region in term of size and variety of products.


Star Petroleum Refining Company Limited (SPRC)

Refining capacity 150,000 barrels/ day

Main products :

  • Light Products : LPG , Gasoline, Light Naphtha, Reformate ,and Propylene
  • Middle Distillate : Jet Fuels and Diesel
  • Heavy Product: Fuel oil