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Gas Procurement


PTT purchases natural gas from various gas suppliers. We have engaged into 16 Natural Gas Sales Agreements: 13 Agreements for indigenous gas fields i.e. Unocal I (Erawan), Bongkot, Pailin, B8/32, Nam Phong, MTJDA A-18, Arthit, MTJDA B-17 & C-19 and B-17-01, Phu Hom, Unocal 123, Sirikit (Lankrabue), Sirikit (Nongtoom A), South Bongkot; and three Agreements for overseas gas i.e. Yadana, Yetgun and Zawtika, Block M9 in Myanmar. A total amount of gas procured in 2011 was 4,184 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) (heating value at 1000 BTU/scf)


Gas Distribution

Mainly, PTT sells the gas directly to power producers i.e. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Independent Power Producers (IPP) and Small Power Producers (SPP) through our Transmission Pipeline. The amount of gas distributed to various types of customers (including natural gas processed at the Gas Separation Plants of PTT) was as follows:

Customers 2009 2010 2011
   EGAT 1,100​ ​30.8 1,344 33.3​ 1,146 ​27.0
   IPP ​905 25.4 943 23.3​ 866​ 21.0
   SPP 456​ ​12.8 475 ​11.8 ​485 12.0
   Industry* 504​ 14.2 ​628 15.5 783​ 19.0
   Gas Separation Plants** 599​ 16.8 ​650 16.1​ 867​ 21.0
   Total 3,564/2 100.0 4,040 100.0 4,147​ 100.0

Note: The amount of natural gas was calculated at the heating value of 1,000 BTU/scf and the number of days according to the calendar year.

  1. * Including the gas sold to PTT Natural Gas Distribution Co., Ltd. and gas for transportation.
  2. ** Excluding gas to CPOC (Operator of MTJDA-B17) for running machinery at production field.

The price structure for power producers consists of two main components: well-head prices and pipeline tariffs, which is under supervision of the National Energy Policy Council (NEPC) and National Energy Policy Office (NEPO).

  • Well-head prices are a total of average price of the gas purchased from suppliers combined with procurement fee and delivery charge
  • Pipeline tariffs consist of two main parts:
    • The demand charges vary according to the location of the clients as follows.
      • ​​​Rayong Offshore 8.5899 Baht/Million BTU
      • Khanom Offshore 14.2177 Baht/Million BTU
      • Onshore 12.0654 Baht/Million BTU
        (to be paid together with the charge for Rayong Offshore)
      • Chana Onshore 2.4855 Baht/Million BTU
      • Namphong Onshore 1.1299 Baht/Million BTU
    • The commodity charge are as follows:
      • Rayong Offshore / Khanom Offshore/ Onshore 1.3380 Baht/Million BTU
      • Chana Onshore 0.0145 Baht/Million BTU
      • Namphong Onshore 0.0000 Baht/Million BTU