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The International Chartering department provides services for the transportation of crude oil, condensate, refined petroleum products, LPG, petrochemicals products, and coal in the domestic and international waters. It also provides similar services for PTT Group companies and the department’s trading partners, both at home and overseas with internationally-recognized standards and competitive charges.

The unit's main tasks are:

  1. Applying a strategic management to bring about maximum efficiency in tanker chartering to support international trading activities e.g. transporting crude oil from Arabian Gulf to refineries under PTT Group.
  2. Managing time charter vessels for crude oil, refined petroleum products and petrochemical products
  3. Handling demurrage and claims with shipping firms on behalf of PTT and affiliates
  4. Managing risk and pursuing opportunities for investment, cost-saving from shipping future by means of pragmatic forecast and freight trading for companies outside PTT Group.
  5. Managing floating storage to support TBU’s trading activities


The unit's operation has grown in size due to fast-growing trading activities e.g. more trading cargoes and more cooperation among companies in the PTT Group. PTT Group ship vetting system adopted by the department in accordance with global standards as well as strategic planning has resulted in cost efficiency, smooth, safe and reliable shipping services for PTT Group and its partners.