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TBU’s Petrochemical and Feedstock Trading Department covers the entire PTT Group’s petrochemical value chain. For upstream and intermediate petrochemical products including olefins and aromatics, the department is responsible for procuring and trading of Petrochemical feedstock, by-products, petrochemical products which come in gaseous and liquid forms, as well as chemicals and solvents for PTT Group. The department also adds value to downstream petrochemical products trading of PTT Polymer Marketing. The department is involved in the entire supply chain of petrochemical products and such extensive engagement ultimately provides crucial supports for PTT Group’s petrochemical sector. 

Petrochemical Value Chain


View similar The department’s trading falls into four product categories:

  1. Petrochemical feedstock and by-products such as light and heavy naphtha and pygas
  2. Olefins products including ethylene, propylene and derivatives
  3. Aromatics products such as benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, orthoxylene, paraxylene and derivatives such as cyclohexane, phenol, PTA and styrene monomer
  4. Chemicals and solvents such as ethanol, acetone, MTBE, sulfuric acid and ammonia


Through collaboration with the local petrochemical industries, coupled with a diverse product offering, marketing expertise, distribution network and logistic supports, PTT has been able to ensure growth of the country’s petrochemical industry.