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Retail marketing

PTT Retail Marketing distributes refined fuels and lubricating products through PTT network of over 1,180 service stations nationwide (excluding PTT service stations run by PTT Retail Management Co.,Ltd). To maximize customer satisfaction, PTT has modernized its potential service stations into the complete new look of “PTT Park” with an integration of related services offered such as retail convenient stores located in the same compound of service stations. In addition, PTT maintains its leading role in first launching alternative fuels namely “Gasohol”, “Palm Diesel”, and “Biodiesel”. Recently a new green product “Gasohol E85” has been developed and introduced for providing more choices to consumers and supporting agricultural field. PTT not only delivers greener fuel & lubricating products to customers together with best services but also maintains domestic oil prices competitively reasonable to help alleviate burden of consumers when confronting world rising oil prices. Consequently, PTT has gained the largest consecutive market share since 1993.