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PTT handles the processes of storing, receiving & distributing as well as bottling for oil and LPG products at its oil terminals throughout the country. In doing so, oil and LPG products are transferred

Currently, PTT has 6 petroleum terminals, 13 oil terminals and 2 LPG terminals, totally 21 terminals nationwide, engaging in product storage, which are well-equipped with extensive reach to customers in all areas. Due to PTT’s efficient logistics and supply systems, the fuel production costs are lowered that make fair petrol prices for consumers. In addition, PTT Sriracha Petroleum Terminal was set up to be a Tax-Priviledge Zone or Export Processing Zone in support of the country’s import and export businesses whereas adding value to petroleum products through having terminals leased by local and foreign customers for commercial oil storage. Sriracha Trading Hub also serves as a fully-equipped fueling station for marine vessels that can accommodate the expansion plan of Laem Chabang Deep Seaport aiming to enable Thailand to become a regional fueling hub for marine vessels.

Apart from terminals across the country, PTT’s logistics facilities also cover 13 Aviation Depots, 3 domestic Aviation Depots , and 2 international Aviation Depots at Pochentong International Airport, Cambodia, and Hong Kong International Airport, the People’s Republic of China, in support of the world aviation business as well as the world commercial transportation.

All PTT office buildings and terminals have adopted international QSHE standards for Quality, Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management as well as ISO Quality Management Systems namely ISO 9000, ISO14001,ISO170025, TIS18001/OHSA 18001,while applying them as tools for achieving the environmental goal of working practices, productivity, safety for operating personnel and nearby communities.