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PTT logistics system is efficiently undertaken through various modes of transportation such as transmission pipelines, railways, marine vessels, and trucks. With regard to the rapid and safety standard of transportation as well as that of oil quality directly dispatched from terminals to end users, the Global Positioning System-GPS was introduced to help monitor and assist oil trucks in case of emergency. As a result, PTT logistics system can be ensured in terms of safety and rapidity resulting from the vigilant communicating tools installed in PTT oil trucks to enable to efficiently communicate as well as avoid the routes with traffic jam.

In addition, PTT invests 30.6 percent of its shares in Thai Petroleum Pipeline Company Limited (Thappline) which performs the first petroleum transportation by the oil pipeline routing with 255 kilometers distance. The oil pipelines start from Sriracha Oil Terminal ,Chonburi Province to Lumlukka Terminal, Pathumthani Province,in order to dispatch aviation fuels to Donmuang International Airport, whereas storing other petroleum products at Saraburi Oil Terminal. Thappline’s oil pipelines are capable to transport a capacity of 26,000 million liters of fuel per year. Presently, 30 percent of total domestic demand of fuels are transmitted through Thappline’s oil pipelines.