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Air Marshal Boonsuib Prasit
  • Independent Director / Chairman of of the Nominating Committee​
  • Holding (%) 0
  • Educations
    • Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School (class of 13th )
    • Royal Thai Air Force Academy (class of 20th )
    • Master of Engineer (Aeronautical Engineering), Hochschule der Bundeswehr MuenchenSenior
    • Squadron Officers (class of 56th )
    • Air Command and Staff College (class of 33rd )
    • Air War College (class of 36th )
  • Certifications
    • Director Accreditation Program (DAP 117/2015), Role of the Nomination & Governance Commitee Program (RNG 7/2015), Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
    • Thailand's 5th National Conference on Collective Action Against Corruption (“Tackling Corruption through Public-Private Collaboration) (Oct 16, 2014)
    • Certificate in Top Executives in the Energy Education Program (Class of 8th) (2016), Thailand Energy Academy (TEA)
  • Work Experiences
    2008 - 2011
    • Chief of Staff, Directorate of Aeronautical Engineering, Royal Thai Air Force

    2011 - 2013

    • Deputy Director, Directorate of Aeronautical Engineering,  Royal Thai Air Force


    • Special Expert, Royal Thai Air Force

    2013 - 2014

    • Director, Directorate of Aeronautical Engineering , Royal Thai Air Force

  • Relevant Important Position

Mr. Chanvit Amatamatucharti
  • Independent Director / Member of the Nominating Committee / Chairman of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee
  • Holding (%) 0
  • Educations
    • Master of Arts (Economics), Chiang Mai University
    • Master of Economics Program (Development Economics), National Institute of Development Administration 

  • Certifications
    • Director Certification Program (DCP109/2008), Audit Committee Program (ACP) (39/2012),Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
    • Diploma, The National Defence Course (Class of 50th ), National Defence College,
    • Advanced Certificate Course in Public Economics Management for Executives (class of 5th ) King Prajadhipok's Institute
    • “Middle Management”, Office of The Civil Service Commission (OCSC)
    • Top Executive Program in Commerce and Trade (TEPCoT)
      (Class of 4th), Commerce Academy
    • The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders Program, Office of The Civil Service Commission (OCSC)
    • “Cross-Border Infrastructure in a Market Economy” Cambodia
    • Top Executive Program (Class of 18th ), Capital Market Academy (CMA)
    • Certificate in Top Executives in the Energy Education Program
      (Class of 3th ), Thailand Energy Academy (TEA)
  • Work Experiences
    2007  -2010
    • Senior Advisor, Office of National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)

    2010 - September 30,2016

    • Deputy Secretary General,  NESDB


    • Director of the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park and Energy Environment Center
  • Relevant Important Position
    •  Independent Director, WHA Corporation Public Company Limited
Mr.Thon Thamrongnawasawat
  • Independent Director / Member of the Nominating Committee / Member of the Corporate Governance Commitee
  • Holding (%) 0
  • Educations
    • Bachelor of Science,Marine Science, Chulalongkorn University
    • Master of Science, Marine Science, Chulalongkorn University
    • Ph.D, Marine Biology and Ecology, JAMESCOOK UNIVERSITY, Australia
  • Certifications
    • Anti-Corruption : the Practical Guide (ACPG 37/2017)
      Direct Accreditation Program (DAP 138/2017), How to develop a Risk Management Plan (HRP 14/2017), Thai Institute of Directors
  • Work Experiences
    • Present: Deputy Dean of the Fisheries faculty, Kasetsart University
  • Relevant Important Position
    • -


The PTT's Nominating Committee has functions, responsibilites and accountability to the Board as follows;

  1. Define the methods and criteria for directors' nomination for transparency.
  2. Select director nominees to fill vacancies (due to resignation or term completion) for the Board’s or the shareholders’ meeting’s consideration and appointment regarding to the composition of the Board, expertise, competencies, and experience that would be useful to PTT in compliance with PTT’s Board Skill Matrix and the Director’s Pool of Ministry of Finance and IOD. Equally important, nominees must have no conflicts of interest
    with PTT. The qualifications of desirable directors must prove compatible with PTT’s business strategies.
  3. Propose directos for committee duties with due regard for the compositions of the committees in question, qualifications, expertise, and competencies. Then these names are to be tabled for the Board’s appointment. An exception is for the committee itself, appointed by the Board.
  4. By its mandate, be accountable to the Board directly while the Board is accountable to all stakeholders.
  5. Assess its own performance and report the findings to the Board for acknowledgment and disclose them in the annual report.
  6. Disclose its own performance in the annual report.  
  7. Hold at least two meetings a year.
  8. Perform other Board-assigned tasks. 


The recruitment procedures for directors are as follows:

  1. The committee defines qualifications needed for a replacement to ensure that the new directors meet the criteria and qualifications as required by related laws and regulations, align with PTT’s operations. It defines procedures for nominating qualified candidates.
  2. The committee summarizes its recruitment results and presents to the Board a shortlist of qualified candidates along with supporting rationale.
  3. The Board appoints the qualified candidates form the list prepared by the committee and submits their names to the shareholders' meeting for approval.


 Board skills matrix