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Enterprise Risk Management Committee
Mr. Chanvit Amatamatucharti
  • Independent Director / Member of the Nominating Committee / Chairman of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee
  • Holding (%) 0
  • Educations
    • Master of Arts (Economics), Chiang Mai University
    • Master of Economics Program (Development Economics), National Institute of Development Administration 

  • Certifications
    • Director Certification Program (DCP109/2008), Audit Committee Program (ACP) (39/2012),Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
    • Diploma, The National Defence Course (Class of 50th ), National Defence College,
    • Advanced Certificate Course in Public Economics Management for Executives (class of 5th ) King Prajadhipok's Institute
    • “Middle Management”, Office of The Civil Service Commission (OCSC)
    • Top Executive Program in Commerce and Trade (TEPCoT)
      (Class of 4th), Commerce Academy
    • The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders Program, Office of The Civil Service Commission (OCSC)
    • “Cross-Border Infrastructure in a Market Economy” Cambodia
    • Top Executive Program (Class of 18th ), Capital Market Academy (CMA)
    • Certificate in Top Executives in the Energy Education Program
      (Class of 3th ), Thailand Energy Academy (TEA)
  • Work Experiences
    2007  -2010
    • Senior Advisor, Office of National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)

    2010 - September 30,2016

    • Deputy Secretary General,  NESDB
  • Relevant Important Position
Mr. Thammayot Srichuai
  • Director/ Member of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee
  • Holding (%) 0
  • Educations
    • Electrical Power Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology
      (Rajamangala Institute of Technology)
  • Certifications
    • Corporate Governance for Executives Program (CGE 5/2015)
    • Power Curriculum Program for Executives (Class 1), Ministry of Energy
    • Command and General Program (Class 47), National Defense Studies Institute
    • Senior Executive, Office of the Civil Service Commission (Class 56)
    • National Defense Course (Class 52), National Defense College
  • Work Experiences
    • 2007-2014
       Deputy Director General Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy
    • 2014-2016
        Director General Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy
    • 2016- Present
        Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy


  • Relevant Important Position
    • -
Mr. Somkit Lertpaithoon
  • Independent Director/ Member of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee
  • Holding (%) 0
  • Educations
    • Bachelor of Law, Thammasat University
    • D.E.A. de Droit Public Interne (ParisII)
    • Doctorat de l’Université de Droit d’Economie et de Sciences Sociales de Paris II


  • Certifications
    • Barrister-at-Law, Institute of Legal Education Thai Bar Association


  • Work Experiences
    • Rector, Thammasat University


  • Relevant Important Position
    • Director, Government Pharmaceutical Organization


The Enterprise Risk Management Committee is empowered with duties and responsibilities as follows
1.To define and review the Company's risk management policy and framework.
2.To regulate and support risk management process to be in line with strategy and business goal including changing situations.
3.To monitor, evaluate, and provide recommendations to the Corporate Plan and Risk Management Committee (CPRC) (executive level) for further implementation.
4.To review the Risk Management’s report and provide suggestions on the potential risks,  including specification on control measure or mitigation plan as well as development of risk management system to CPRC  to ensure efficient continuity.
5.To support Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to achieve the Company’s Risk Management Goal.
6.To report the results of risk management to the Board. In case where there are factors or events that might have significant impact on the Company, the Board of Directors shall be immediately notified.
7.To consider and express opinion over the long-term continuity matters with a potential of businesses complication and risk that will have a significant impact to PTT before proposing such agendas to the Board.
8.The Enterprise Risk Management Committee should meet at least once a quarter.
9.To perform other Board-assigned tasks.