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Compliance Mechanism

Formerly, PTT defined units responsible for proactively ensuring corporate regulatory compliance include the Office of the President and Corporate Secretary, Office of General Counsel, and the Office of Corporate Audit.

In 2017, the Compliance Department was established to ensure all units’ actions to be in accordance with applicable laws, by-laws, rules, regulations, directives, and announcements—both inside and outside the corporation.

Structured under the Office of General Counsel, the Compliance Department has the duties in overseeing employees and all units to strictly engage to all required legal matters, and also those matters involved in investment, state enterprise laws, listed companies, energy laws, and other legislation relating to PTT’s business operation, particularly new transactions in Thailand and abroad. Moreover, the Compliance has a duty to give sound legal advice for PTT’s personnel and internal units so as to confide that all practice would be complied with all laws and regulations and prevent disruption due to legal issues. To this end, the proactive means of the Compliance would lead PTT’s business operating to the goals of zero non-compliance policy with sustainability.

  • Compliance Policy
  • Compliance Charter
  • Compliance Framework