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CEO Key Message


“TQA, which is a management system featuring comprehensive definition is a standard system well-accepted by 38 countries around the globe. It provides quality criteria that can be evaluated and assessed with distinct scores for engineers like PTT people to rely upon. I want everyone to understand every aspect of the criteria. Do not practice TQA according to checklist but we have to understand that presently PTT’s business expands beyond Thai border. We started from a main business and we hope to see our entire group to have the same quality. TQA is thus a definition enabling PTT Group to speak the same language and their activities are to be comparable and measurable; while the executives are promoters of TQA so that it will march ahead to ensure its success.”

TQA/SEPA: SEPA for state enterprises

The State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) improved its evaluation system in order to best suit  nature of work of the state enterprises. In 2004, it established criteria of evaluation of five main activities entailing roles of the state enterprise director, risk management, internal control, audit, IT management and human resource management.

In 2007, the SEPO reviewed the performance of the state enterprises and improved the evaluation system again. This time, it adopted a Self Assessment Report: SAR and Thailand Quality Award (TQA) as part of the evaluation system.



Recognizing benefits derived from receiving Thailand Quality Award (TQA), PTT first introduced the program at Rayong Gas Separation Plant in 2002. Successfully, the Plant received the TQA Award in 2006. Proudly, it was the first area of PTT and the third company in Thailand which was honored with this award. At present, there are other seven divisions in PTT Group applying TQA and have been achieved in improving the standard of management system of their own operations. These will assist PTT Plc, the main organization to be ready for assessment according to TQA framework and will elevate the performance so as to receive TQA Award, which is in line with the vision to step up to become Premier Multi-National Energy Company.