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Environment improvement through 5S

At PTT, the employees regard 5S as a duty that needs to be performed, in particular, at their own work station. It is obligatory for every division to have clear work plan and 5S standard. Document management is to be undertaken in an efficient manager and evaluated regularly. Under each supervision line, the division is to perform its own activities and assessed by the Central Committee of PTT every year.

Currently, it is the Company’s policy to encourage the companies in the Group to adopt 5S as a tool to improve their basic work so that 5S activities will be upgraded to international standard. This is to ensure that every unit is driven towards the same direction. Additionally, it helps to improve positive image of PTT Group among stakeholders. Consequently, the work plan and activities are jointly designed for example, Big Cleaning Day, knowledge training and site visits.

Development through self improvement (suggestion)

Suggestion is an activity of opening up opportunities for employees to take part in organization development by suggesting new better ways to improve and troubleshoot work problems.

PTT instills the work improvement concept into the employees through a suggestion system which was first adopted in1997. At PTT, the employees are motivated and given opportunities to improve the work right from the smallest task which can be self implemented. This can be achieved by adopting three principles: trying to quit, reduce and change. Work innovation can be a result of our own knowledge and experiences.  The employees have to realize that every work can be better and the opportunities for such action are limitless. The more complex the work is, the more necessary we have to improve it. In return, the idea to improve and develop the work will enable employees to be more convenient, safe and able to better efficiency of their own work.

Suggestion system is another channel aimed at triggering ideas of employees to improve work from a small point which can be further developed into new innovation in the future.

Since 2002, PTT has adopted a web-based suggestion system; therefore, employees need not to fill out suggestion application form. The technology allows more convenience and ability to offer suggestion more promptly. Viewing suggestions is thus easier and the suggestions can be rapidly collected and assessed.

Development through team (QCC, TA, ODOP)

QC is an efficient teamwork-oriented activity which is extensively applied by PTT as we seek to consistently improve work according to PDCA. It is also a means to build awareness among employees to witness benefits form a well-established QC activities. PTT has utilized and developed two group quality improvement tools to be alternative in improving for employees: One Department One Project (ODOP) and Theme Achievement (TA).

The work improvement as a team has been translated into daily operation of every business and supporting units across PTT.

PTT also organizes events to boost up morale for employees who demonstrate excellent work that reflects intention and commitment in improving quality system and productivity of PTT. The events also serve as a campaign to promote work atmosphere for uninterrupted development through a quality project contest at business and PTT level. Doing so allows PTT to improve not only the work, but also capabilities of the employees.