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Quality Management System/ISO9001

In 1993, PTT launched “ISO 9000”, a western-style quality standard system in the organization. The program expanded from a pilot area at the outset to cover several areas respectively. Now the whole organization - services area at the office and receiving-storing and delivering products units- has fully adopted the system.

Presently, PTT has adopted Quality Management System (QMS) based upon the foundation of ISO 9001 standard with a goal to apply as an internal system of PTT in the future.


Total Productive Maintenance

Initially, PTT undertook its own style of self maintenance at operation areas. Later, in 2006, the Company recognized necessities and contributions of such practice in the operation divisions and thus implemented TPM according to the approach of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) which incorporates 8 pillars of TPM activities:

  1. Focused Improvement
  2. Autonomous Maintenance
  3. Planned Maintenance
  4. Operation and Maintenance Skills Training
  5. Early Management
  6. Quality Maintenance
  7. Office Improvement
  8. Safety and Environmental Management

Nowadays, many departments of PTT have been awarded and continued to achieve a higher level standard from JIPM. Concurrently the activities have been spread into other operational units which did not attempted to practice earlier.

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