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 Updated 01/07/2013 (for customers)
Test ID Test Item  Eddy-Current Dynamometer AC Dynamometer
  Light-Duty   Heavy-Duty Light-Duty Heavy-Duty
EPD001   Test Bed Rental (baht a day)   4,500   4,500 9,000 9,000
EPD002   Engine Operation (baht per hour)    1,500   1,750 1,750 2,000
EPD003   Additional Support Technician (baht per hour)   300   300 300 300
Remarks : 1. Vat is not included in the price lists.

2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

3. Test bed rental will be charged to customer start from installation to removing, including weekdays and weekend.

4. Additional support technician will be charged, if the customer request more than 1 technician to stand-by at the test bed.

5. Price in the table is not included the consumable fuel cost, installation, engine auxiliary system modification.

6. Cost of engine installation by PTT, are subjected to the estimated period of installation and system modification. But, the estimation will be done and agreed before starting.

7. Eddy-Current Dynamometer is a type of passive engine dynamometer which is, in general, use the motor start assist. While, the cooling system use the cooling water flow along the cooling circuit.

8. AC Dynamometer is a type of active engine dynamometer which can govern the engine (negative torque). The cooling system is an air-cooled by cooling fan which consume more electric power during operation.