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Updated 01/07/2013 (for customers)
Test ID Test Item Test Method Apparatus Test Fee(Bath)
HEM001   Engine Performance Test   According to ETC Test (Sweep Mode)   Dynamometer 12,000*
HEM002   The European Transient Cycle (ETC) - with Analyzer   TIS 2320-2552   Dynamometer 27,000*
HEM003   The European Transient Cycle (ETC) - without Analyzer   ETC   Dynamometer 10,000*
HEM004   The European Stationary Cycle (ESC) - with Analyzer   TIS 2315-2551   Dynamometer 27,000*
HEM005   The European Load Response (ELR)   TIS 2315-2551   Dynamometer 10,000*
HEM006   Test Run & Engine Calibration - with Analyzer   Customer   Dynamometer 3,000** (per hour)
HEM007   Test Run & Engine Calibration - without Analyzer   Customer   Dynamometer 2,000** (per hour)
Remarks : 1. Vat is not included in the price lists.
2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* This price does not include the installation and fuel charge.
**For the test ID HEM006-007, this price is baht per hour.