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On 13 January 1993, the Board of Directors of Petroleum Authority of Thailand resolved to establish PTT Research and Development Center in the compound of the Region 2 Pipeline Operation Center, Ayutthaya Province. It was aimed at developing the first-of-its kind research and development center in Thailand that exhibited high capacity in petroleum and petrochemicals fields. A construction budget of 1,463 million Baht was set for the Project.

With respect to the outlining of the conceptual design for construction of the Research and Development Center situated in Wangnoi District, Ayutthaya Province, Southwest Research Institute, USA, was commissioned to design the engine testing laboratory. Beicip Franlab from France was responsible for a design of chemical testing laboratory and training center and a study of the master plan of the Center was performed by EniRicerche, Italy's research company with over 30-year experience.

Subsequently, the restructure of the Research and Technology Development Center was approved by the Board of Directors and its name was changed from Research and Technology Center to Research and Technology Institute on 7 November 1997. This was due to wider responsibilities that the Center took on i.e. monitoring and pursuit of new technology in addition to conducting the research. In doing so, PTT has been able to acquire competence in developing high quality and economically-priced products which are competitive in the market. Given that a reliance on available technology in the market would not enable the Company to deliver products that stand out. Successfully, the Research Institute achieved in supporting the business of PTT in this regard.

Initially, when the PTT Research and Technology Institute (PTT RTI) was first founded in Wangnoi District, Ayutthaya Province, it occupied an area of 75 rais (29.6 acres). 52 rais (20.5 acres) was allocated for office building, laboratory buildings, pilot Bio hydrogenated Diesel testing plant, pilot hydro-processing testing plant and utilities building. The state-of-the-art laboratories of PTT RTI include:

  • Fuels & Lubes Lab Building
  • Analytical Lab Building
  • Process & Petrochemical Lab Building
  • Environmental Lab Building
  • Engine Test Lab Building

Due to a meticulous vision of the management and strong dedication of researchers and officers to conduct full-spectrum research and development to support the business of PTT Group in a sustainable manner, respond to energy production and commercially-viable technology in addition to environmentally friendly, PTT RTI has expanded its area to occupy 118 rais (46.6 acres) more in an effort to effectively achieve the said wider mission. Under the new name "PTT Innovation Park", the Institute comprises a pilot area for growing renewable energy crops, seismic sampling area, petroleum engineering, geo-science laboratory building, advanced engine laboratory, and a pilot plant.