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Careers and Advancement

PTT focuses on the growth of our diverse workforce with equal opportunities and development opportunity. At present, PTT group is seeking the new talent, who are searching for their career advancement for long term growth and sustainability of our organization.



Our human capital seen as one of the valuable key success factors which need to be prepare for readiness in driving business competitive advantages, and enhance effective management system towards strategic objective achievement. Individual development plan guaranteed continuous development for performance excellence.

ReasonsWork_Photo2.jpg ReasonsWork_Photo2.jpg ReasonsWork_Photo2.jpg


Welfares and Benefits

From performance-related pay to competitive remuneration including benefits and allowances, our rewards and benefits are ensure our employees and their family wellness. 

PTT has a competitive remuneration package, comparing to other leading companies. By providing a highly connected workplace, an inclusive and diverse environment, comprehensive health and wellness programs, robust professional development opportunities, and competitive compensation and benefits, and in their personal lives.



In order to drive the organization's future mission and vision, PTT grants scholarships in various categories:
  • Scholarship for newly graduated in bachelor degree with honor
  • Scholarship for employee
  • Scholarship for Outsider 

ReasonsWork_Photo2.jpg ReasonsWork_Photo2.jpg ReasonsWork_Photo2.jpg