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        Abiding by quality, safety, occupational health and environment standard in every working process as well as cultivating safety awareness to local community and children.

        On May 22nd, 2018 at Khonkaen petroleum terminal, Mr. Santi Laoboonsangiem, Vice Governor of Khonkaen presided over The 27th Safety Day of Petroleum Terminal Operations, Oil Business Unit Opening Ceremony along with Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, Chief Operating Officer, Downstream Petroleum Business Group, Miss Jiraphon Kawswat, Senior Executive Vice President, Oil Business Unit, and Mr. Kris Imsang, Senior Executive Vice President, Organization Management and Sustainability, PTT Public Company Limited. This event aims to make local community and children understand safety, emergency responding and PTT’s operation under the international standard of quality, safety, occupational health and environment. PTT’s Khonkaen petroleum terminal had won Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Outstanding Establishments Award in platinum class for 14 years consecutively.

        Mr. Auttapol said that The 27th Safety Day of Petroleum Terminal Operations has been held annually at PTT’s petroleum terminals around Thailand. These activities include safety exhibition and demonstration such as LPG and emergency responding that can be applied as a guideline for people who can apply in their daily life.

        Not only safety exhibitions and useful demonstrations, this event handed out 150 traffic cones to Khonkaen police station, 23rd Military Circle and Khonkaen University to help lessening car accidents. Additional, with an emphasis on youth’s education, PTT donated 14 scholarships to students around the area who exhibited good grade and good behavior but in poverty for the total value of 54,000 Bath. Several stands selling local products from local community in Khonkaen were also presented.

        “PTT is proud of our quality, safety, occupational health and environment standard culture. Our organization aims to take care of social, community and environment for a sustainability because community around working place is our family.” Mr. Auttapol Closed the dialog