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U.S. President Donald Trump described Sunday’s new trade deal with Canada and Mexico as a win for U.S. workers. The new agreement, called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), is aimed at bringing more jobs into the United States, with Canada and Mexico accepting more restrictive commerce with the United States, their main export customer. “These measures will support many – hundreds of thousands – American jobs,” Trump said on Monday at the White House, saying the trade deal as “the most important” the United States had ever made. “It means far more American jobs, and these are high-quality jobs,” he said. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the deal removed uncertainty. “We had to make compromises, and some were more difficult than others. We never believed that it would be easy, and it wasn’t, but  today is a good day for Canada,” Trudeau said in Ottawa. Trump said U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminium levied earlier this year on Canada, Mexico, China and the European Union and others would remain in place for Canada and Mexico until they “can do something different like quotas, perhaps.”

Russian Deputy Minister Pavel Sorokin said on Monday that production of hard-to-recover oil in Russia is expected to rise by 10 pct to 860,000 bpd this year helped by tax incentives, including a zero-rate mineral extraction tax.

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