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 U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would not sign a Senate-passed bill, which had provided a seven-week extension of existing funds for government agencies, unless it include $5 billion to help build a wall on the southern border with Mexico, raising the threat of a partial federal shutdown on Saturday. “I’ve made my position very clear. Any measure that funds the government must include border security,” Trump said. The partial shutdown would affect agencies including those responsible for federal law enforcement activities, airport security screenings, space exploration and farm programs. 

Libya’s state oil firm NOC said on Thursday that its Sharara oilfield remains closed despite its internationally recognised government had said on Wednesday that the oilfield will reopen after Prime Ministers Fayez al-Sarraj had met with protestors who seized the facility. NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla said the force majeure would not be lifted until alternative security arrangements were in place. He warned of “catastrophic consequences for both the oil sector and country of ransom payments to the armed group occupying the Sharara oilfield”.

Data from India’s oil ministry showed on Thursday that the country monthly crude oil imports in November posted their biggest year-on-year decline in nearly four years as November crude imports sell 11.4 pct to 17.01 mil tonnes. This was their largest year-on-year percentage fall since February 2015, when it fell by 21.3 pct. The fall was said to be due to maintenance shutdowns at some Indian refineries. 

U.S. officials said on Thursday that the U.S. will likely stop its air campaign against Islamic State in Syria when it pulls out troops out of the country. NATO allies France and Germany said Washington’s decision risks damaging the fight against Islamic State. Meanwhile, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who is said to had opposed Trump’s decision on Syria, abruptly announced on Thursday he was resigning after meeting with the president.             

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