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  • What is PTT's dividend policy ?
  • Answer : PTT's dividend policy is to maintain a dividend payout ratio of not less than 25 % of the net profit after deduction all kinds of reserve fund required by the company. Nonetheless, such a dividend payment is subject to PTT's investment plans, necessities and other appropriations in the future.
  • What are PTT's core businesses ?
  • Answer : PTT's Business Structure can be categorized as Core Businesses and Investment Businesses as follows
    (1) Core Businesses are comprised of

    Exploration & Production and Gas Business Group : includes Gas Business Group engaging in natural gas businesses regarding procurement from domestic and foreign sources, pipeline transmission, separation, and distribution. PTT's Exploration and Production business is conducted through its E&P subsidiary, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP). PTT has also invested in natural gas-related corporations both in Thailand and abroad.

    Oil Business Group : engages in distribution of refined fuel and lubricating products covering retail marketing run through PTT service stations, wholesale marketing for Article 7 oil traders , and commercial marketing for government agencies, industry sector, airlines, and oil vessels.

    International Trading Business Group: covers procurement, import-export, and Out-Out Trading concerning crude oil, condensate, petroleum and petrochemical products including other related products in support of PTT Group's competitive potentiality. In addition, the services of oil price risk management and international oil vessels are provided to help seek more opportunities while creating commercial value to PTT products.

    (2) Investment Businesses : PTT has invested in a wide range of its related businesses, with an emphasis on petrochemical and oil refining businesses.

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