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What should a driver do if gas leakage occurs in an NGV-converted car ?

In case of NGV leakage, a driver should follow the following instructions:
  1. Switch off the CNG cylinder, open the trunk hood and turn off the cylinder valve at the gas tank
  2. Switch to drive in petrol mode
  3. Drive to the previous conversion workshop to have the car fixed
In long term, can an NGV-converted car be run on dedicated natural gas, or should it be occasionally shifted to petrol mode? If a car has to be switched between natural gas and petrol modes, how do we know when it must be switched ?
When an NGV-converted car engine is started up, it is powered by petrol. Then it is automatically switched to run on natural gas when engine warms up. While reaching the destination, the driver should switch back to run on petrol mode.
How do I apply for PTT Fleet Card and which division or department do I contact with?
  1. For an NGV customer applying for PTT Fleet Card to fill up the fuel tank with NGV only, please contact Customer Relations Division, Tel. 662-537-5881
  2. For a petrol customer applying for PTT Fleet Card to fill up the fuel tank with petrol and NGV, OR to purchase lubricating products, please contact Service Station Development and Management Division, Tel. 662-537-2434-5 OR 662-537-2446
If a gold card is lost or damaged, what is a card holder going to do ? What kinds of document are required for card replacement for a private or juristic car ?
Procedures of card replacement for lost or damaged card:
  1. In case of card's loss the following documents must be prepared :
    1.1 An original copy of notification for lost card from a police station stating " the fleet card used for NGV fueling of vehicle with license plate No…, is lost. "
    1.2 A photocopy of vehicle registration certificate
    1.3 Pay 100 Baht for renewal fee per card per car, and contact PTT staff at Cash Management Room at 09.00-16.00 hrs., Monday-Friday except weekends and holidays
    1.4 Present the fee's receipt to PTT staff at NGV Fueling Fleet Card Room, PTT Head Office, F/1, so that the replacement card will be issued.
    Remarks :
    *For a juristic person, please bring along the photocopy of the registration of trade
    **If a car owner does not inform the police by himself, a signed form of proxy is required for his representative to do it on his behalf.
  2. In case of card's damage:
    Bring the damaged card along with the vehicle registration certificate to contact NGV Fueling Fleet Card Room, PTT Head Office, F/1, to get the replacement card with free of charge.
  3. In case of loss or damage of card, a customer who lives upcountry and is inconvenient to pick up the card by himself
    Please send a photocopy of ฿100 transferred slip for renewal fee per car, with name, surname, address, telephone number including vehicle's license plate number given, and send it via fax No. 662-537-3888
    Remarks :
    *For a juristic person, please send a photocopy of registration of trade via fax.
    **After sending the required documents via fax, please call Tel. 662-537-3777
    ***PTT will have the replacement card sent to a customer at the given address within 1 week.
For annual check of NGV kits, what kinds of documents are required? Are they the same requirements all over the country?
The required document is a photocopy of vehicle registration certificate which is the same requirement across the country.
Where can I get a map of NGV service stations, and which division/department do I contact with?
You can get it from NGV Fueling Fleet Card Room, PTT Head Office, F/1
Can NGV Fueling be done while it is raining with thunder and lightning?
Yes, it can be done safely. According to the safety standard regulation, the lightning conductor on top of the building as well as the earth wire at each dispenser, are required to be installed in order to prevent lightning strikes within NGV service station's compound.
In some certain situation, such a fueling service is not allowed because of heavy rain. That is why the computerized POS machine gets wet and becomes out of order. Therefore, NGV fueling service is not available for the meantime.
Currently, the computerized POS machines with plastic weatherproof guard have been installed one after another in PTT NGV service stations, with regard to the larger number of NGV vehicles queuing up to be fueled in each NGV service station.
Why does low-pressure NGV occur in some certain NGV service stations ?

Low-pressure NGV results from the load over capacity of all dispensers for the meantime that leads to lower filling pressure of gas feeding and fewer vehicles queuing up. Normally, the service station staff opts to temporarily stop operating service of a few dispensers to raise the pressure level. Such a problem may occasionally occur in some certain NGV Daughter service stations or conventional NGV service stations.
What is the natural gas chemical composition ?
Natural gas composes of many kinds of gases. Their scientific names are methane (CH2), ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), butane (C4H10), nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) etc. The primary one is methane representing a content of more than 70-80 percent.
Why does NGV retail price vary in each area?

PTT has its own criteria for setting NGV pricing in accordance with the Resolutions of the Energy and Planning Office No.5/2002 , and No.7/2007 as follows:

If an NGV Daughter station is located within 50 kilometer away from its Mother station, no transportation fee is added to NGV retail price. If such a distance is over 50 kilometer, transportation fees is added to NGV retail price depending on the distance from a Mother station.

What is PTT's policy about change round-up?
PTT has sent its notification to all of its NGV service stations requesting for the fair change round-up in accordance with the standard of law. If any NGV service stations are found not to comply with the rule, a customer can notify PTT, Call Center :1365 Contact NGV press 5 for further process of rectification.
What does the term "re-printed" indicating on the tax invoice received from an NGV service station, refer to? How many times of " re-printed" can be made per an NGV filling service?
The tax invoice with the term "re-printed" refers to a proxy of Bill of lading. It is a kind of document issued to be used as a receipt / tax invoice (ABB) when a customer requests to have a tax invoice, the service station will cancel the receipt / tax invoice (ABB) previously issued, then produces the tax invoice to that customer. If a slip printed from the computerizes POS machine is needed, the service station will issue the customer a proxy of Bill of lading with the term "re-printed" indicating on. Such a term can be repeatedly produced with the number of issuing.
Why are there no NGV service stations in Bangkok?
There are two primary reasons for PTT to be unable to open NGV service stations in Bangkok :
  1. The limit of the law: According to the Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Energy, NGV service stations cannot be located in the communities where hospitals, schools, department stores, theaters etc., are located (except those buildings are later constructed). And NGV service stations must be at least 60 meters away from those areas.
  2. The limit of land: In constructing an NGV service station , a large area is required for accommodating the compressor zone and in - out NGV trailer trucks.
Can an NGV trailer truck be used for transporting LPG ?
No, it is illegal to use it for that purpose. Moreover, an NGV trailer truck is designed to transport NGV only.
How many sizes of CNG cylinder ? What is the capacity of each CNG cylinder ?
CNG cylinders in various sizes used in each type of vehicles in Thailand, are as follows:
CNG Cylinder Size/Liter CNG Capacity /Kilogram Type of Vehicles
Number of Cylinder/ Vehicle

60 L
12  kg. Van

70 L
14 kg. Private Car 1

100 L

20 kg.
Taxi 1
145 L
28-29 kg.
Medium – Heavy Duty Truck 6-8