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        Tevin Vongvanich, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limited, stated that on recognizing the Good Corporate Governance (CG) and zero tolerance for corruption, PTT Board of Directors (BOD) had given policy on Rolls-Royce investigation case, which would be a lesson learnt for PTT to be proactive in anti-corruption  in the future. In addition, PTT was ordered to agilely cooperate with Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) on this case.

        The investigation process regarding the policy given by PTT BOD included 3 main investigating points; specification, auction process, and cost assessment. The information including procedure and people relating to procurement process needed to be collected, as well as identifying potential gaps of future corruption, in order to improve its process to become more circumspect. Moreover, people who had been related to this case should not be involved in the investigation process and PTT procurement database should be collected to be used in the process of selecting business partners.

        “PTT has provided working space for NACC while investigating the case. From 2003 until now, PTT has seriously evaluated and adjusted the procurement process, such as, signing Integrity Pact agreements, and setting reference prices, in order to prevent the corruption, which shall be done continuously and seriously”. Tevin emphasized