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List of Projects

The Fifth Transmission Pipeline Phase 2 (Chachoengsao - Nonthaburi)

Background and Significance of Project:

The Fifth Transmission Pipeline Project is natural gas transmission pipeline system, which is the longest onshore natural gas transmission pipeline project in Thailand. The overall pipeline length approximately 415 kilometers. This 2nd Phase’s distance is approximately 200 kilometers of 42 inches gas pipeline from the tie-in point at Phanomsarakarm district, Chachoengsao to the existing PTT gas pipeline network at Sai Noi district, Nonthaburi. It is expected to be operated in B.E. 2564 (A.D.2021) to strengthen the security of the Natural Gas Transmission Network. It also supports the demand for natural gas for the expansion of electricity generating capacity of domestic power plants such as Bangpakong Power Plant, Wang Noi Power Plant and South Bangkok Power Plants.
Integrity Pact Ceremony.PNG

Integrity Pact (IP):

Consists of 3 parties signing an agreement together including: Government agency (project’s owner), Bidders and the Observer who expertise in particular procurement project, independent and honest by participating and observing from the preparation of Term of Reference (TOR) until the project is complete, in order to ensure transparency of whole project.
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