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  1. Objectives of registering as vendor
  2. Type and definition
    Vendor List
    PTT Approved Vendor List; PTT AVL
  3. Structure of Vendor List Work Group
  4. Eligibilities
  5. Criteria determining abandonment of the work
  6. Approved Vendor list
  7. Announcement channels and application
  8. Announcement of Approved Vendor List

1. Objectives of registering as vendors

PTT Approved Vendor List (PTT AVL) is undertaken to facilitate procurement through a bidding process. Doing so can ensure that the process of specifying work group and process or methods to select vendors to be registered with PTT will enable us to work with efficient vendors who can deliver products/services that meet the needs of organization and promote sustainable partnership with PTT.


2. Type of vendor

There are two groups.

2.1 Vendor list. Vendors in this group are general vendors who engage in business with PTT and are approved to undertake orders from PTT i.e. purchase/work/rent with PTT through methods of bidding, price survey method, special method, or vendors approved according to specifications of PTT.

2.2 PTT Approved Vendor List (PTTAVL) In this group, the vendors pass criteria set by PTT which aim to screen qualifications of vendors according to the type of work specified by PTT and will have rights to offer bid according to the announced type of works.


3. Structure of PTT’s Vendor list work group

The structure of PTT’s vendor list is divided into three hierarchical steps represented by six digits.

  • First two digits is a Main Group (XX)
    - 01-50 is a Main Group of Product Category
    - 51-99 is a Main Group of Service Category (Service)
  • Second, the next two digits is a Group (XX)
  • Third, the last two digits is a Sub Group (XX)


Download structure of vendor list of PTT


4. Eligibility - qualifications of the vendors eligible for registering as PTT’s vendors

Vendors wishing to be listed in the PTT Approved Vendor List must pass all of the following criteria.

  1. Suppliers never abandon work of PTT or government agencies, state enterprises and other organizations of the government.
  2. In case the vendors have been delisted from the vendor list of PTT, they are not allowed to apply for registration with the PTT under the same group for a period of five years starting from the date they are delisted. If they are delisted due to abandonment of the work of PTT or government, state enterprise and government agencies, the vendor will not be accepted to be listed without submission of evidence stating a revocation of delisting.
  3. Suppliers must understand and acknowledge PTT Supplier Sustainable Code of Conduct: CoC.

5. Criteria determining abandonment of the work of the vendors and criteria for delisting vendors

Suppliers who meet any of the following criteria will be considered to have abandoned the work and will be delisted.

  1. Selected bidders do not engage in the agreement within duration specified by PTT.
  2. Suppliers do not follow the agreement without reasonable causes.
  3. Suppliers do not engage in honest practice in offering price or obstruct fair price competition.
  4. Suppliers who abandoned work of government agencies, state enterprise and other government agencies.
  5. Suppliers who are unqualified to be a contract partner with the government agencies according to the Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission.


6. List of PTT Approved Vendors

The Committee of Vendor Selection of PTT Plc. has approved 239 companies as the PTT Approved Vendor List; PTT AVL under 10 work groups. The detail is attached herewith.

7. Announcement channels and Application

PTT will accept applications from interested vendors to register as a listed vendor in our system. Announcement of application will be communicated via various channels.

  1. Procurement Board, Building 6, First Floor, PTT Plc.
  2., ->Business Opportunities ->Procurement -> Procurement News
  3. Other media such as newspaper, etc.

8. Announcement of Approved Vendor List

announcement for suppliers to be registered in the list of PTT Plc. For the year 2012