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Bid Documentation

Additional document to be submitted along with bid :

First and foremost, in the evaluation of bids, PTT shall consider the condition, detail and qualification and conditions offered by vendors if they comply with the specifications stated in bid document. PTT will not consider the bid price should they do not comply with PTT’s requirement. Therefore, separate envelopes of document must be prepared for submission. The details are as follow:

  1. A bid offer with detail of price make-up in an envelop
  2. Supplementary document e.g. sample, catalog, technical detail, copy of portfolios and other commercial document in an envelop. The bidders should furnish the following document.

    2.1. Bid by a shop, document should contain a signed copy of VAT registration form and commercial registration together with seal (if any) 2.2. Bid by a company or a limited partnership in Thailand, document should contain a company or a limited partnership affidavit issued within six months before submission. If the submitted documents are not original, the copy must be signed by authorized persons together with company seal.

    2.3. Bid by juristic persons (a company or a limited partnerships registered outside Thailand), documents must contain a letters from Thai embassy, Thai consulate, or Commerce Ambassador certified the registration and objectives and juristic power of juristic persons. Bidders must not have a special privilege or immunity with which to be refused being taken to a Thai court, or if the bidders have such privilege or immunity certifies that such privilege or immunity has been waived. The signature and copy of passport of authorized person is required.

    2.4. If the juristic persons authorized representative to sign the bid and/or submit the bid, a letter of power or attorney specifying authorization clearly is needed.

    2.5. A signed copy of identification card of a duly authorized person (in case the juristic person signs a bid) or a signed copy of identification card of an appointor and a signed copy of identification of appointee (in case of issuing power of attorney)

    2.6. A copy of VAT registration (if any)