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  • PTT Supplier Sustainable Code of Conduct
  • Approved Vendor List
  • พื้นที่ว่างให้เช่า 1365
Vendor Evaluation

 1.   PTT shall evaluate vendors after the completion of the delivery of products/services in each delivery period, 
       based on their work performance.

 2.   PTT reserves the right to use the vendor evaluation’s result in order to determine the bidder’s qualification for the 
       next PTT’s bidding.

 3.   In the case of  any vendors in the PTT Approved Vendor List( PTT AVL)is given graded “D” from the vendor 
       evaluation under a specific type of work, PTT reserves the right to delist such vendors from type of work      
       hereunder. The vendors shall not be permitted to register with PTT AVL under such type of work for at least 3 years 
       from the delisted date. from the delisted date. 

 4.   If the vendor has any queries with regards to the vendor evaluation, the vendor shall submit the request in writing
       to the procurement unit of PTT for the explanation of such evaluation. The copy of the purchase order/contract and 
       work result must be attached to the request.