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Our Business

PTTMCC Biochem’s pioneering move for global bioplastics leadership

Plastic plant is the first commercial bio-PBS in the world.

PTT seeks public reassurance of common benefit of gas pipelines

Remain in the public domain as before

PTT confirms gas pipelines transferred to MOF as instructed by Supreme Administrative Court

remains state enterprise; prepared to segregate pipeline business for transparency

Gas supply from Myanmar’s Zawtika Field on stream

Enhance energy security for the country.

PTT’s Open House ensures proper energy knowledge and energy usage values

Knowledge about energy and attitude to energy awareness.

Photo Caption : PTT Group underscores its safety caliber

Award "for outstanding workplace safety. Occupational health and the working environment ".

Photo Caption : Navy, PTT poised for pirates in risky seas

And information in the preparation and practices.

Photo Caption : RTA-PTT project on Love Songs for the Land, Year 4

Open platform for youth, high school across the country. To express their loyalty to the King.

New Product from Cafe' Amazon : Green Tea Honey Lime with Jelly

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