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Superb standard, efficient service to increase competitiveness of Thai industry
PTT is a leader in providing several superior products for industry. Our specialists are ready to offer advice on how to maintain equipment and choose the right fuel.


For inquiry or order, please contact Industrial Marketing Division at Tel. +668-2537 - 2321-5 or Fax +668 – 2537 - 2323.

1. Bunker Type 1 or Bunker A, or Bunker 600 (Fuel 600, 2% sulphur) Bunker A is high quality with low viscosity, and convenient to use. It is appropriate for middle and small industries e.g. hotel or hospital in the communities due to the complete combustion and low soot.

2. Bunker Type 2 or Bunker C or Bunker 1500 (Fuel Oil 1500, 2% sulphur) This type has medium viscosity and suitable for large furnace in medium and large industries having efficient combustion system and engines. Bunker C is the most commonly used and it is cheaper than Bunker A.

3. High Speed Diesel and Biodiesel (B5) The fuels are suitable for diesel-engined car with a speed range between 1,000 revolutions per minute e.g. truck, train or pick-up. Also, it is suitable to be used in a boiler or direct burn of industrial plant.

4. Liquefied petroleum gas for industry In a liquid state under pressure, LPG is made up of propane and butane at the right ratio. It is the product from the gas separation plant and oil refinery. PTT's LPG is a clean fuel which features excellent quality due to its high proportion of propane (C3) which is higher than other brands. LPG does not cause pollution and dirt to engines part and equipment. Most of PTT's LPG is a product from our gas separation plants.

5. Propane gas is the product from gas separation plant. It is used for industries which require high heating value and stable output e.g. television tube industries.

6. Automobile lubricants7. Industrial lubricants8. Special lubricants9. Special products

7. Industrial lubricants

8. Special lubricants

9. Special Products

9.1. Asphalt or bitumen - made up of hydrocarbon compound and some natural deposits. It is sticky and in semi liquid state. It may appear in dark brown or black. PTT sells Asphalt AC 60/70, the products that conform to Thai standard certified by governmental agencies.

9.2. Condensate

9.3. Base Oil Base oil is raw material for lubricant production. Presently, PTT group is the largest base oil producer.

9.4. Sulphur

For more information, please contact:
Industrial Sales Division
Tel. +66 2537 2321-25
Fax.+66 2537 2323

Customer Management


Logistics management

To achieve our mission in enhancing energy security, PTT constructed oil terminals nationwide. Our facilities enable us to efficiently reserve and deliver energy to customers around the country. In case, there is any problem at any first designated depot or terminal, PTT can deal with the problem by delivering the products to customers from other terminals.

Quality and prompt delivery

PTT believes that our customers must receive only good quality product at the right quantity and on time. We have invested in satellite installment on every product truck so that they can check and report the traffic condition. Another system, a track-co graph is also attached to verify the speed and time of delivery.

Quality control and petroleum product inspection service

Our quality control and laboratory certified by the ISO/IEC 17025 (former ISO/IEC Guide 25) inspect the quality of oil to ensure that every batch of oil meet the specification of Ministry of Commerce. The inspection is performed prior to fuel storing at the tank and delivery to the customers. In addition, random tests at our depots and the plants of customers are also undertaken. The quality report is handed to customers. All of these quality programs are carried out to guarantee our quality of the products as well as enhance confidence among customers.

Product and safety training

PTT offers trainings and seminars on petroleum products and engine maintenance. Our experienced, expert engineers will guide industrial users. The training is dedicated to enhance knowledge on product selection and safety for customers as well as public property. The customers can visit our oil refinery and gas separation plants to learn more about production process and safety measures of PTT.

Boiler inspection service

For maximum efficiency of product usage, PTT allocates an engineering team to inspect boiler efficiency and provide suggestion for the customers. The users will gain more information on energy conservation, how to extend an efficient life of engine, environment protection, as well as prevention of air pollution caused by incomplete combustion.

Consultation service on storage tank construction and engine improvement

We can offer our expert advice on storage facilities design and construction as well as site preparation or storage facilities repair free of charge. PTT will guide customers through the steps of applying for a permit of fuel storage according to regulation of Energy Business Department, Ministry of Energy.

Additional services

PTT also offers a wide array of services in order to improve product quality and maximized productivities. These include:

1. 5S, QC for productivity training by expert engineers

2. Our Research and Technology Institute, the most modern center in the region having advanced research capabilities in petroleum with sophisticated technology, is tasked with knowledge advancement, provision of suggestion and product development.

3. Our teams of expert are also offering advice on energy conservation in industry.

4. Advice on industrial lubricant product by experts.

For more information, please contact:
Industrial Sales Division
Tel. +66 2537 2321-25
Fax.+66 2537 2323