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Natural gas for vehicle or NGV, which is sometimes called Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), is fuel using in vehicles. It uses the same fuel which is used in daily life in many countries which is used for cooking, house heating and water heating.

NGVS are used in most countries and regions around the world. Although the incidence of natural gas vehicles is continually increasing, NGVS are still greatly outnumbered by vehicles which use conventional gasoline. The main reason is that the technology for conventional gasoline vehicles has been developed over many years. However; during the energy crisis period, natural gas has become one of the most popular alternative fuels. Moreover, as natural gas leaves no mess after burning, it is regarded as the cleanest fuel for our environment.

In 1984, PTT completed studies and experiments using natural gas to run cars because this was considered the cleanest fuel and, when compared with other fuels, contributed the lowest pollution into the air.

Since then, NGVS have become better known and since 1993, through cooperation between the PTT and Bangkok Mass Transit Authority , natural gas has been used to run air-conditioned public buses serving a large proportion of the Bangkok and nearby population.

After PTT launched a project, in year 2000, promoting and encouraging car owners to use natural gas, many cars have been modified to run on natural gas. In the future there will be more and more NGVS on the streets because it is the most suitable fuel for this new era and can be used with all kinds of vehicles.