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Cooking Gas (LPG)

PTT's LPG is suitable for a wide array of applications e.g. vehicles, household, restaurants, and industries as it is clean, convenient and has high energy content per volume. In particular, it is ideal for industry use which requires a constant heating value, for instance, glassware, food, ceramic and metal smelting industries. PTT's LPG comes in four different sizes of cylinders - 4, 7, 15 and 48 Kgs. All cylinders are guaranteed to pass standard, quantity and quality test before delivery to customers to ensure maximum safety for every household.


LPG stove and parts

It is designed for modern family as it provides comforts and conforms to safety standard for household use.

  • LPG stove: This portable single burner gas stove is packed in a 4-colour box, and ready to use everywhere. Its dimension is 300 x 385 x 160 mm. The burner is 100 mm. PTT logo is displayed in the front.
  • Specification:

    • Stainless steel body
    • Cast iron burner which can withstand high temperatures for long period
    • Beautiful and strong brass burner top
    • Pan support is designed to be a single piece as the tray which is durable and strong, suitable for both flat and pan and wok.
    • 5-year guaranteed valve gas
  • Gas stove (shelf type): It is packed in a brown box, suitable for large family and restaurant. The stove has PTT stainless steel embossed logo.
  • Specification: Stainless body, two shelves with the garbage tray under burner

    • Cast iron burner which withstands high temperature for a long period
    • Aluminum coated cast iron burner with large pan support suitable for all types of utensils.
    • They are strong and can stand very high temperature.
    • 5-year guaranteed valve gas
  • Hose It is made from high quality plastic displaying orange strip. PTT logo signifies high quality of the product which is aimed to ensure customers satisfaction. The 1.5- meter hose has two jackets, packed in a bright green box.
  • Hose and regulator The set consists of a bright green hose with a low pressure regulator. The black plastic tap is designed to be easy to handle. Please notice our PTT embossed logo.

PTT Forklift

LPG filling valve set

  • Filler Valve with shut-off valve and fixed liquid level tube The valve and tube can assure that the gas will be automatically cut off while a fixed liquid level tube act as a double protection which disallows gas to be more than 85% of the cylinder.
  • Filler Valve Adaptor This adaptor prevents gas leak from any accident that may occur or by carelessness from the user.

Discharge valve set

  • Discharge Valve with Excess Flow Valve. Excess flow valve will stop the flow of LPG if the hose is broken by accident.
  • Discharge Valve Adaptor The adaptor prevents the gas from flowing out from the cylinder in case of the accident or carelessly opening the valve. Vapor Coupling is used together with this adaptor.
  • Content Gauge Like oil gauge, the content gauge is designed to check the quantity of the gas during the charging and the remaining gas when use.
  • Safety Relief Valve The valve is designed to vent the pressure of the gas. The valve sets at standard pressures of 375 psi.

Different characteristics between household and Forklift LPG cylinder




1. 15 Kgs.

15 Kgs.

15 Kgs.

2. Cylinder

Single valve

2 valves with supporting equipment

3. Standard

TISI 27 and TISI 915

Ministry of Energy which is referred to TISI 27 and 370

4. Target users

General users

Industries using forklift