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Cooking Gas (LPG)

PTT’s LPG is suitable for a wide array of applications e.g. vehicles, household, restaurants, and industries as it is clean, convenient and has high energy content per volume.

LPG stove and parts

It is designed for modern family as it provides comforts and conforms to safety standard for household use.

PTT Forklift

Filler Valve with shut-off valve and fixed liquid level tube The valve and tube can assure that the gas will be automatically cut off while a fixed liquid level tube act as a double protection which disallows gas to be more than 85% of the cylinder.



PTT Smart Shop

PTT’s LPG “Every cylinder is safe and full of energy” is ready to serve all customers. Over 1,000 dealers of PTT around the country can best satisfy LPG demands. To order, just identify the type of cylinder i.e. 4, 7, 15 or 48 kgs. and its safety valve.

LPG dealers list (Thai version only)

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