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​Government Incentives Implemented to Promote NGV

1. Import Duty

1.1 Reduce Import Duty for CNG Refueling Facilities to 1% (No limit of timing)

2. Excise Tax

2.1 Reduce excise tax for

  • OEM passenger car and minibus not over 3000 cc. engine from 30% to 20% (No limit of timing)
  • NGV retrofit outside manufacturing plant from 30% to 22% but not exceed 1,405 USD until Dec 2011

3. Other

  • Grant 112 Million USD to be Revolving Fund for Passenger Buses that Service in BKK and Vicinities area to Convert/Install CNG with very low 0.5% interest rate annually
  • Reduce 50% of Road tax for dedicated NGV and 25% for Bi-fuel or DDF (No limit of timing)


Note : 1 USD = 35.58 Baht (as of 20 April,2009)