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Every oil product is a premium-grade power for every car.


Our innovative fuels are all top-notch due to premium technology exclusively developed for PTT. Blended with special additive, both gasoline and diesel products are hence the premium products and yet priced the same. They result in a more complete combustion, increase acceleration rate and offer maximum performance to meet every lifestyle of motorists. We thoroughly test every product at our certified laboratory and perform field tests by real drivers.

Complete combustion is a vital key for fuel as it maximizes performance of energy and acceleration rate. It enhances engine efficiency as well as reduces fuel consumption rate. Furthermore, it prolongs engine life, making it always run like a brand new.


If your heart behind the wheel always races faster than your car.BlueGasohol 95, powerful…speed that you need by G2 Friction Modifier


With latest friction modifier imported by PTT as the first and the only one importer in the country. This premium modifier coats metal parts so as to reduce wear and coefficient of friction in cylinder.


Additionally, it consists of Inno Protection, a detergent for cleaning injector and ID Valve which improves combustability. The engine can perform the best and it is suitable for all types of gasoline engine. All types of high-performance engines can also use gasohol.


Due to the above-mentioned top quality additives, BlueGasohol 95, special gasoline blended with 10% ethanol or E10*, has an octane number of 95 which is not dissimilar from Gasoline 95.


Blue Gasohol 95, one of revolutionized fuels, a premium-grade product from PTT Blue Innovation.


*Ethanol 10% is defined as at least 99.5% pure ethanol.



The true unrestrained power, leaving every other cars in the dust and no pollution behind! BlueGasohol E20 power…to conserve the planet at every breath with Inno Protection.


With U.S. Top Tier Additives to clean both injector and ID valve, the combustion is more complete.


BlueGasohol E20 features a unique property. As a mixture of gasoline with an octane number of 98-99 as an oil base, BlueGasohol E20 thus has an octane number of 98-99. In addition, with the distinctive assets of G2 Friction Modifier, its performance is enhanced while leaving no pollution.


Since ethanol is a natural product which is degradable, no toxic is left out. Less carbon monoxide is now released. It is suitable for modern cars manufactured after 2008: the model and brand specifying that can use Gasohol E20.


Blue Gasohol 95, one of revolutionized fuels, a premium-grade product from PTT Blue Innovation.



If there was a road to the moon and no matter how steep it was, we would definitely reach there. Power of BlueDiesel…for every steep road with blue Booster


Blended with a new premium-grade additive, BlueDiesel has a high cetane number of 68*. Because of the additive, the fuel has a shorter ignition delay and burns more completely. As the engine performance and torque are enhanced, the acceleration rate is better.


Nano Clean Additive keeps engine room and make diesel engine run smoother and quieter. At the same time, it releases less black smoke and the emitted exhausts are now nano particles (the tiniest size).


It is suitable with all types of diesel engines e.g. common rail, regular diesel as well as high performance diesel vehicles…No matter how bumpy or steep the road is, the power of the car will never fall. As a consequence, all the roads seem to always be flat.


BlueDiesel, one of revolutionized fuels, a premium-grade product from PTT Blue Innovation


*Cetane number may vary depending on the base oil from the refinery.

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