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Progress against Plan

Work Plan: To perform Biodiversity Risk Assessment and Biodiversity Action Plan


​2018 Plan ​2018 accomplishments ​2019 Work plan

Revise risk assessment tools to cover more factors with impacts, such as factors on location and boundaries of national wetlands (Ramsar Site)

Revised Biodiversity Risk Assessment Tools ​Develop an approach for No Net Loss, which can be used for pilot sites under PTT Group.

In 2019, PTT has developed biodiversity assessment approach for No Net Loss. This helps PTT achieved the goals for No Net Loss for new project within 2020. No Net Loss Assessment tools were developed, enabling baseline identification of each operation sites’ biodiversity value. Additionally, models, illustrating impacts on biodiversity loss and forecast of offset management’s results, have been developed. The model also illustrates losses that occur at sites, which will be used for further implementation within PTT Group.


Biodiversity Survey for Database Preparation

PTT has surveyed on biodiversity, as an aim to explore animal and plant species surrounded on PTT operational areas, in order to investigate and gather all information on biodiversity database and to share knowledge on environmental restoration, biodiversity development, and environmental conservation. The species survey included birds, mammal, reptile, amphibian, insect, aquatic, plants, and crustacean. From the surveys, operational areas including Khanom natural gas separator unit, Phuket aviation depot, Song Kla petroleum warehouse, and Nakhon Sawan petroleum warehouse were assessed with the collaboration of Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST), including universities and NGOs.

Following the survey around Khanom natural gas separator, an endemic biennial plant distinctive to Thailand was identified. It was titled Muang-Khanom (Microchirita involucrate (Craib) Yin Z.Wang var.gigantiflora C.Puglisi). It was discovered only in Khanom district, Nakhorn Sri Thammarat. Furthermore, a new family of nocturnal butterfly was also identified around Saraburi Storage. Its scientific name was  Gatesclarkeana thailandica. It was endemic only Thailand.s