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Management Approach


Product safety

Acknowledging the importance of the safety of products and services, PTT requires that adequate research and development be conducted and that safe and environmentally-friendly products be procured in line with PTT Group Quality, Safety, Security, Health and Environment Policy, whereby each business unit manages according to its product and service type. Following this management approach, PTT defines a list of products and services and conducts health and safety impact assessments which start from the development of a product concept and include the assessment of raw materials as well as the risks of all major processes throughout the life-cycle stages of products and services as illustrated in the following diagram:

product safety en.jpg 

Safety Information of Products and Services

PTT developed a chemical management system to ensure that all PTT’s products and services are free from toxic chemical as defined in a list of 153 prohibited toxic substances under the Rotterdam Convention. All of PTT's products and services, including those of the organization's logistics fleet, are required to have appropriate and accurate safety information and labels that must be in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and international standards. PTT also provides additional knowledge and information relating to particular products and services that help customers in making informed decisions. The activities for marketing and communications are designed so as not to misrepresent the products and services. All advertisement media are approved by the Television Advertising Censorship Board. Additionally, PTT regularly conducts customer seminars and customer visits to provide them with better understanding of PTT's products and services for the benefit of customers and consumers.


Environmentally Friendly Products

Striving to respond to customer demands for safe and environmentally friendly products, PTT invests into innovation and development of more green products guided by the Green Roadmap, which is composed of: developing alternative energy and environmentally friendly products, increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and raising public awareness of environmental protection. In the future, PTT plans to produce more environmentally friendly products such as bio-degradable plastic and bio-fuel. In addition, PTT is also committed to developing the alternative energy business to strengthen Thailand’s energy security in the long-run by installing pilot electric vehicle charging stations and designing the solar electric vehicle charging points in PTT gas stations. In addition, PTT collaborates with leading vehicle manufacturers to promote the use of electric cars, to reduce dependency on petroleum and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the onboard source of power.

PTT has established a strong foundation of innovation development by founding the PTT Research and Technology Institute, dedicated to research and development of petroleum/petrochemical products, production processes, alternative energy, and new technologies to support PTT Group’s operations and to motivate innovative thinking in Thai society. PTT utilizes the PTT I2C Gate as a tool for screening research ideas and innovation. PTT I2C Gate comprises five stages:


The process begins with the formulation of a project plan and budget by considering factors such as business unit requests, Voice of Customer (VOC) input, and employee innovation ideas, to develop the Annual Research and Development Plan and the Research and Technology Institute (RTI) 5-Year Business Plan. Following, the plans are submitted to the PTT Board Committees for approval prior to further action. PTT also continuously collaborates with external entities to organize competitions on new energy innovations and enhance Thailand's innovation capabilities.

With regard to green public awareness, PTT certifies the environmental friendliness of its products through the PTT Group Green for Life Eco-label (Self-certified) mechanism, which were developed in line with international certification standards to ensure that it is accurate, verifiable, relevant, and non-misleading. In this way, PTT works to promote the public awareness of PTT's environmentally-friendly services.

Eco-friendly Operation

PTT strives to raise its stakeholders’ awareness of eco-friendly operation. As a result of the continuous eco-friendly operation, PTT was awarded the Green Industry Level 4 – Green Culture; PTT is now in the process of applying for the Green Industry Level 5 – Green Network. The Green Network focuses on creating a network between factories, customers, suppliers, government agencies and communities. Furthermore, PTT organizes seminars for its suppliers in order to communicate environmental operations, and encourages suppliers to participate in the Green Industry project. In addition, to becoming a knowledge-based company, PTT encourages its employees to create green innovation for its operations.


ECO-CURE Industrial Water Treatment System

ECO-CURE is the integrated process design and application system, which was developed by combining the concept of energy conservation, demineralized water production, and environmental protection. The objective was to save cost and add more value to PTT operation, environment and communities in regard to Creating Shared Value (CSV) project. This project consists of three main sections:

  1. Designing the demineralized water production system that can control the purity of produced water for using in different purposes without any lost.
  2. Modeling the hydrological dynamic of the treatment system, which help the company to demineralize wastewater and use it in the process again.
  3. Reducing wastewater discharged from the operation by applying 3Rs principles (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).


This pilot project has been operated at the PTT Gas Separation Plant in Rayong since 2015.

2015 Performance

The estimation of the future benefits after expanding this project across PTT Group

Reduced heat lost from steam production system, which saved cost by 30% or 17,5 million baht per year

Save 1,764 million baht per year by reducing energy lost

Reduced cost of mineralized water production by 50% or 5.7 million baht per year maximum

Save the demineralized water production cost by 3.920 million baht per year

Reduced the use of toxic chemical by 99.5% or 940 tonnes per year

Reduce the use of toxic chemicals by 53,000 tonnes per year

48% of wastewater discharge was recycled and 150,670 m3 of recycled water was produced

Reduce 6.48 million m3 of wastewater


Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management at PTT is divided by business unit due to the differences in nature of each unit's customers, products and services. This customer relationship management includes customer needs and expectations surveys to inform the development of products and services that corresponded to customers' needs in order to build customer satisfaction of those products and services. This integrated process focuses on systematic customer involvement under a specified timeframe and clear work improvement processes, such as the communication channels to customers and markets, market information technology analysis, and customer engagement processes.

All business units set systematic customer relations guidelines. While the details may differ for each customer group, they adhere to the same directional processes, such as establishing a diverse choice of channels for communicating with customers, a channel for airing grievances via hotline number 1365, and annual customer engagement surveys to gain useful data. This is to ensure that useful information is integrated into the analysis which is then applicable for product and service development. PTT visits customers regularly, conducts seminar with customers, and manages a regularly updated customer information database that incorporates information technology which can respond to business needs and foster customer loyalty through various activities. various activities.


Customer Satisfaction

PTT values the satisfaction of customers who purchase PTT products and services and of consumers who use PTT products and services. In order to provide quality products and services at fair prices with responsibility toward the customers and consumers, PTT has placed customer satisfaction as one of the corporate indicators since 2001. An annual customer satisfaction survey is conducted for each business unit: Oil Business Unit, Natural Gas Business Unit, and International Trading Business Unit. The survey is conducted by a third party using a standardized method that covers the entire data collecting process where both qualitative and quantitative information is comprehensively and transparently collected. The results of the survey of both customer and consumer satisfaction are submitted to the Board of each business unit. Recommendations from the survey, if any, will be analyzed and used as a basis for improving the annual operation plan in order to adjust PTT's products and services to correspond to the specific needs of each customer group.


Customer Feedback Process

PTT's Ordering and Customer Relations Center Department acts as a service center to provide information and to receive suggestions and recommendations regarding PTT products and services from customers. In addition, it is responsible for developing a work system that will support the receiving of purchasing orders and customer complaints with the primary purpose of satisfying PTT customers. The Ordering and Customer Relations Center Department receives recommendations or complaints from the Oil Business Unit, Natural Gas Business Unit, and International Trading Business Unit via the Customer Relations Center (CRC) as a tool for providing customer services, collecting information, and monitoring the progress of solutions to customers' complaints. If possible, the Ordering and Customer Relations Center Department will immediately resolve the customers' issues. However, if the issue is related to a specific business unit, the matter will be forwarded to the responsible business unit for follow-up. An initial response to each customer must be made within 1 day, and customers are asked whether they are satisfied with the proposed solution 3 days after the case is closed.

At present, PTT uses various social media platforms as communication and complaint channels in response to the changing lifestyles of customers and consumers. Such web-based communication channels include Facebook and PTT News, which is under the responsibility of the Corporate Communications Department. The channels also provide interesting information such as oil prices, news, and promotions as well as serve to collect information from customers and consumers to support the continuous improvement and development of performance.

Link: Ordering and Customer Relations Center (ORC)

Communication and Complaint Channels

Call Center 1365 หรือ 0-2537-2000
Ordering and Customer Relations Center (ORC)
Corporate Communications Department
Office of President and Corporate Secretary
Investor Relations Department
Employee Webboard