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Management Approach

Quality, Security, Safety, Health, and Environment  Policy: QSHE Policy

PTT commit to Quality, Security, Safety, Health, and Environment through PTT Group QSHE Policy which serves as the framework for the organization’s Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environment Management. The Group President, CEO, and all senior management of PTT subsidiaries, have pledged and signed the agreement to set and implement goals, strategic plans, operational plans, including key performance indicators for the management of QSHE throughout all the organization’s business units, cascading from headquarter to business groups, business units, divisions, and operational sites, respectively. This charter also establishes the plans with various key indicators on a quarterly basis to assess and monitor performance against targets, strategic plans, and work plans to ensure compliance with PTT Group’s policy.

Reference: PTT Group Quality Security Safety Health and Environment Policy

Annual and Long-term SSHE Strategic Goals

PTT sets the 2020 SSHE strategic goals aligning with the corporate strategy comprising of three specific long-term goals as follows: 

  • Socio: Focus on reducing loss related to safety and health of employees, contractors and production process
  • Eco: Reduce ecological footprint throughout product and service life-cycle
  • Efficient: Improve the operational effectiveness to achieve global top level ranking



    PTT Group sets its annual QSHE Goals by analyzing the internal and external factors impacting the company operations and then select key performance indicators as corporate targets upon which each business unit must consider developing its own goals accordingly and convey them to all business levels as appropriate.  Target conformance are monitored, evaluated and periodically presented to the management.        

    The execution of the strategy will focus on enhancing the QSHE culture and SSHE management system as an important tool to improve the effectiveness and operational efficiency as well as initiating and applying innovation along with the project implementation. The aims are to develop process and obtain operations results to meet the goals to reduce losses and negative impacts to the society and the environment.       


    Annual and Long-term Security, Safety, Health and Environment (SSHE) Strategic Goals
    PTT Group SSHE Management Standard (PTT Group SSHE MS) is an important tool used in SSHE risk management, which are implemented by all business units and subsidiaries appropriately to each business’s characteristics and risk profile. This supplements the basic international SSHE practices already in place at each operation site. The framework of this management standard was developed based on Plan-Do-Check-Act principles so as to achieve continuous development. This international management standard consists of 6 main components which can be summarized as follows:




    1. Policy & Leadership: Setting and communicating Management’s vision and commitment in creating specific culture for SSHE management through the organization structure, as well as reviewing the effectiveness of SSHE performance.
    2. Planning: Conducting risk assessment, legal requirements, and SSHE evaluation for mergers and acquisitions of new assets and projects, as well as SSHE management related to the products’ life cycle.
    3. Engineering, Operations and Maintenance: Managing SSHE risk during the design, construction, testing, commissioning and operation phases, whether they are operated by staff, contractors or sub-contractors.  This also cover the appropriate maintenance of machines and tools, emergency and crisis preparedness and response to reduce and mitigate any potential SSHE-related impacts, including pollution, wastewater, and waste management, and other related issues.
    4. Performance Monitoring and Improvement: Results of SSHE-related performance monitoring and evaluations are used to set plans for managing non-compliance prevention and mitigation, adoption of lesson-learned and best practice, as well as setting of new targets and SSHE continuous improvement plan.
    5. Resources and Organization: Identifying and defining roles, responsibilities, competency and training of staff as appropriate will enhance the accountability and effectiveness of SSHE management.
    6. Culture, Communications and Information: Continuously building SSHE engagement, behavior and culture are done through internal and external communication with interested stakeholders. This includes management control of SSHE documentation, based international standards, existing management system, best practice adopted by multinational companies in energy industry, and Thailand Quality Award (TQA), which have been adjusted for PTT Group’s operations.

    Reference: PTT Group SSHE Management Standards

    In implementing the SSHE management system, each business unit will ensure the implementation in their organization, operation sites, and related unit in accordance with the SSHE management manuals, including related process and procedures. The site, department, and business management review and monitor the effectiveness and efficiency through the internal audit process and review as scheduled.             

    PTT SSHE management standards have been continuously reviewed, revised, and updated in accordance with international standards. The changes take into account the organization’s risk context and factors.  For the practicality, the system is also integrated with other management systems.  



    PTT sets the framework and approach for governing, controlling, and managing the SSHE related performance of each unit within PTT and PTT Group in order attain effectiveness and efficiency aligning with PTT Group QSHE Policy.  The SHE Corporate Audit guidelines comprise of:

    1. PTT Group SSHE Management Standard Audit
    2. SSHE Effectiveness Audit
    3. Legal Compliance Audit
    4. Security Management Compliance Audit
    5. SSHE Performance Verification



    Implementation of the Policy in Business Units and PTT Group Companies
    PTT has establishes guidelines in implementing the group management policies for business units and PTT Group companies based on the equity share basis. Companies in which PTT invests 100% or is the major shareholder must fully implement PTT Group SSHE policy, target, strategy, and management standards.

    PTT appointed the highest executive levels in the operational division and related division, as well as executives from QSHE department of PTT to serve in the PTT Group QSHE Policy Committee and the PTT QSHE Committee. Flagship, one of PTT subsidiaries, also serve on the board as to examine, govern, and review the effectiveness of the implementation of SSHE policy, strategy, targets, and SSHE key performance indicators in the business units and companies within PTT Group. The committee meets quarterly and the corporate SSHE department serves as the secretariat. In addition, a special department has been developed and assigned the responsibilities for ensuring that SSHE management is aligned with the framework at every level of the corporate structure including the corporate, business units, operation level, and project level.
    Performance Documentation and Reporting

    The PTT Group have been working together to improve the company environmental and safety data collection and reporting system. This was accomplished by using the information system to develop the database for systemically and orderly documenting the health and safety data and progress. This is most useful in analytical comparison of performance with in similar business group. Moreover, the system is developed on web-based application which is secure, can be easily improved, and can support the use of PTT groups various operation sites covering every business unit in both domestic and oversea.                

    Progress Summary
    1. Revision and communication of PTT Group Security, Safety, Health, and Environment (QSHE) policies to all PTT subsidiaries
    ​2018 Target 2018 Accomplishments​​ ​2019 Target​
    Develop review process and signing of the new QSHE by the income top management.   ​ ​​ ​ Review and announce the execution of the new PTT Group QSHE policy on December 17, 2018 ​​​Review the content of policy and revise according changing factors (if any)
    All subsidiaries of the PTT Group are involved in the QSHE policy review process, have been communicate about the policy through PTT Way of Conduct, and are monitoring compliance with the policy through reporting of QSHE indicators. Related unit and companies in the PTT Group were involved in reviewing the latest PTT Group QSHE policy.  It has been relayed for use as a framework for implementation after its official announcement. Related unit and companies in PTT Group jointly review via their related board members.
    2. Revise/Setting strategic direction, strategic goal, and annual target in SSHE
    ​2018 Target 2018 Accomplishments​​ ​2019 Target​

    • To communicate, disseminate and drive for implementation of strategy and goals

    • To diligently follow the progress of plan’s implementation according to strategy and goal

    • To analyze and improve management process of significant issues  ensuring successful control, prevention, and mitigation of risk in order to achieve the targeted indicators.

    The process to review and set strategic directions, strategic targets, and annual goals according to strategies and plans, including the QSHE performances were completed through PTT QSHE Committee and subsequently proposed to PTT Management Committee (PTTMC) and PTT Group Management Committee (PTTGMC) for considering of risk/ opportunity issues’ continuous improvement

    To   continuously monitor and review progress of performances with various committee.

    ​3. Corporate-wide implementation of PTT Group SSHE Management System according to standards set by PTT
    ​2018 Target 2018 Accomplishments​​ ​2019 Target​
    Continuously apply SSHE Management System in accordance to international standards. SSHE Management System were applied on sites across PTT, with monitoring progress through Management representatives from various levels. Continuously apply SSHE Management System in accordance to international standards.

    • ​Monitor, drive, and provide consultation in performance improvement, to enhance development opportunities of PTT Group’s companies.

    • Evaluate the PTT Corporate Audit Results against management standards.

    • Monitor progress in gap closing plan of each business unit

    • Conduct audit (Corporate audit) of PTTRM according to SSHE standards according to the audit cycle

    Review the framework and method of SSHE auditing from headquarter to be in line with the PTT Group Way of Conduct, which is undergoing renovation.

    Continuously monitor and drive the implementation and effectiveness of the system in targeted company/ business structure.

    The progress of system’s implementation in targeted company/ business line were continuously monitored, promoted, and reported through meetings and to executives management in various levels.

    ​​Continuously monitor and drive the implementation and effectiveness of the system in targeted company/ business structure.
    4. Development of SSHE issues management process
    ​2018 Target 2018 Accomplishments​​ ​2019 Target​

    Develop a working procedure manual and significant guidelines

    Develop ‘SE-Green Improve product certification guidelines (Products or services) that are environmentally friendly. Under GREEN FOR LIFE logo which complies with ISO-14021: 2016, the PTT Group have added more perspective on important environmental issues.  For each product group, considerations were given to their product life cycle (Raw material acquisition process, Production process, customer use, disposal/ waste management, transportation, and life cycle)

    Expand product certification results (Products and services) that are environmentally friendly for more recognition of the GREEN FOR LIFE logo

    5. Security, Safety, Occupational, Health, and Environment audit or PTT Group SSHE MS by central units
    ​2018 Target 2018 Accomplishments​​ ​2019 Target​
    Expand scope of auditing to include additional topics across PTT’s value chain i.e. product transportation contractor, and construction contractor
    ​The risk management / SSHE impacts of the contractor group was assessed according to the level of significant risks in the relevant issues as scheduled.
    ​Assess the risk / impact of the SSHE for review and revise audit plans appropriate with a focus on high risk contractors.
    ​6. Improve SSHE database to comply with data storage standard and reporting performance indicators followed international standards
    ​2018 Target 2018 Accomplishments​​ ​2018 Target​
    Increase venues and apply technology for internal tracking processes, such as monitoring environmental performance reports of key indicators and developing a model for reporting environmental indicators data according to the plan.  The speed and convenient for analysis will result the effectiveness of management guidelines ​​More venues and technology were applied in the report on the operation of greenhouse gas accounting. The development model was used to report environmental data indicators. Moreover, the GHG Calculation Tools Web-based was developed for convenient and quick analysis, resulting in effectiveness of management guidelines Develop the database system for environmental impact including life cycle assessment of the PTT Group’s products