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Achieving a steadily and sustainable business growth requires continuous developments for the business to adapt to disruptive challenges. The business also needs to build resilience by adhering to the principle of good governance,  promoting the 20-year National Strategy and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), for the benefit of the organization and society in all sectors at all levels, from community, society and country level.

PTT operates under the Pride and Treasure of Thailand or “PTT” strategy, to build the company’s pride as the nation’s precious treasure. PTT strives to balance three sustainability management aspects (3P), consisting of operating business while caring for communities and societies (People), conservation of natural resources and the environment (Planet), and being the foundation for the steady and sustainable economic and social growth (Prosperity). Moreover, PTT also strives to contribute to taking care of communities, Society and Environment, while ensuring a balanced and responsive stakeholder engagement. To achieve this, PTT adheres to the principles of good governance and good corporate governance through the policy “CHANGE for Future of Thailand 4.0” 

To establish PTT Group’s strategic direction, apart from considering various challenges, international and the national strategy, the PTT Board of Directors has agreed to adopt of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  as a factor to inform its business direction. In 2018, PTT aims to contribute to the seven major goals: Goal 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, with relevant target described as follows:

Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy (Target 7.2 and 7.3)       

Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth (Target 8.1, 8.5 and 8.8)       

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production (Target 12.2, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6 and 12.7)         

Goal 13 - Climate Action (Target 13.1, 13.2 and 13.3)

Goal 14 - Life below Water (Target 14.1, 14.2 and 14.3)

Goal 15 - Life on Land (Target 15.1, 15.2 and 15.5)

Goal 16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions (Target 16.5, 16.7 and 16.10)