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Progress Against Plan


2018 Target​

2018 Accomplishments​

2019 Target​

Development of the PTT and PTT Group Anti-Corruption Policy ​​​​​​PTT Group companies to publish a manual on good corporate governance and business ethics. ​​PTT Group companies published manual on good corporate governance and business ethics in alignment with PTT’s standards.

· Review and announce the use of PTT and Subsidiaries’ Anti-Corruption Policy

· Improve the Group’s management approach to strengthen PTT Group’s corporate governance


Certification as a member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)

Recertify as a member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC)
PTT recertified as a member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption for the second consecutive year


To recommend PTT Group companies to become certified members
Promotes and drive business partners to participate in the aforementioned project


Code of Conduct

Effective communication on good governance principles and business ethics results increased employee understanding on CG and their ability to apply such principles into their work. Given this, PTT would be able to operate business ethically, under a strong governance structure, and reduce risks from violations of business ethics.

In 2015, Corporate Governance Committee assigned the corporate governance working group to communicate the corporate governance principles to employees through a variety of activities, for example:

  • Training about Business Code of Conduct and Ethic including “Good Governance Knowledge” Course for all employees during orientation, creating positive attitudes and educating about anti-corruption and ethical awareness course. CG E-learning system was developed as a database for employees in all regions to access and learn about good corporate governance and business ethics. The course uses stimulated scenarios to help employees learn while also assess their level of understanding.
  • Integrity Forum provides opportunities for seniors from multiple functions to exchange perspectives and frameworks in contribution of noble force and transparency. Hence, creating awareness for PTT and PTT Group company’s employees, translating into a strengthen organization that the public acknowledges.
  • CG Camp grants the opportunity for representatives from different functions to learn about good corporate governance and anti-corruption in details. This enables them to apply these principles professionally, and to advocate them to colleagues. It is part of PTT’s internal strengthening strategy, comprises Dhama talk on CG principles, workshops on the direction towards corporate honesty, plays by participants on corporate governance principles, and recreational activities embedded with knowledge in corporate governance.

Employee CG Understanding ​



Employee Satisfaction on CG Communication​


Anti - corruption

All PTT employees can assume the role of a whistleblower in reporting suspicious activities, in order to build transparency, good governance and sustainability of the company. In 2014, PTT announced the Anti-corruption Policy across PTT and PTT Group, requiring all employees and management to acknowledge and uphold as a foundation in their work, and which was also communicated to all stakeholder groups. The Policy underwent a certification process as part of PTT’s membership application to the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC), where the process included utilizing the Self-Evaluation Tool for Countering Bribery in order to assess the strength, completeness and effectiveness of the anti- corruption policy and measures. PTT was certified as a member of the CAC for the second time on 17 May 2018. Presently, PTT is committed to encouraging business partners to join and become certifies in order to eliminate corruption risks from the value chain. 
In 2015, PTT was assessed on the Anti-corruption Progress Indicator by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Thaipat Institute, awarded Level 5: “Extended,” which recognized PTT’s commitment in adhering to the Anti-corruption Policy, deploying the Policy to PTT Group companies, and encouraging business partners, consultants, business representatives, and suppliers in the value chain to adhere to the policy and commit to not engaging in any forms of corruption.
In 2016, Transparency International has evaluated PTT’s in regards to disclosure and transparency in comparison to other emerging market multinationals headquartered in 15 countries considering a range of information, such as anti-corruption projects, data disclosure.  PTT was ranked 22 out of 100 most transparent multinationals in emerging market.
In 2017, PTT was awarded complimentary award of NACC Integrity Awards, which is the target award of PTT’s 3-year Aspiration under the Pride & Treasure of Thailand vision. PTT was awarded 2 awards of “State Enterprise with development towards excellence in driving operation’s integrity and transparency,” at Excellence Level, for: Integrity Culture and Work Integrity.
In 2018, PTT was awarded an award for Outstanding Ethics from the Thai Chamber of Commerce Best Awards. This was the first year that PTT was awarded this honorable award. As a core, PTT operates transparently and honestly, positively resulting in an organization development that is accepted and trusted by stakeholders.  Nevertheless, PTT maintains its position  for the Integrity & Transparency Assessment (ITA) in operations by Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) at a very high level for the 5th consecutive year.


PTT requests all employees to disclose a conflict of interest report annually and notify suspected conflicts of interest to their supervisors. If a conflict is found, supervisors would develop corrective action plans, for example, by defining temporary measures or rotating employees in order to reduce potential risks.