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Education is central to national human capital development. PTT focuses on the educational development of the nation’s youth by providing opportunities for school and university students to develop a strong educational background in science and energy. PTT also develops specialized professionals, such as medical professionals, to provide healthcare services in local communities. PTT’s education and human capital development initiatives include:

Enhancing and Developing the Quality of Education

To encourage science, technology, and innovation, PTT established the Power of Innovation Foundation responsible for the management of Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), to produce human capital for research, promote the innovation research and development in responding to the needs of the country, and support job creation in the science field. The Power of Learning Foundation, responsible for the management of Kamneotvidya Science Academy (KVIS), has created educational opportunities, provided society with beneficial academic services, and fostered scientific and technological curiosity in youth.

Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology: the School of Molecular Science & Engineering and the School of Energy Science & Engineering has 3 classes of graduates. The number of graduates total to 156. Furthermore, Vidyasirimedhi Institute is committed to producing researches that would enable innovation for the greater good of society in many aspects, as follows Click here

  • Advanced Functional Materials: Develop researches on advanced functional materials comprise of materials’ surface development, to test the effectiveness in reactions, reducing environmental impacts and product budget at an industrial-scale. This includes development of capsules and ingredients in the medicine or chemical reactants, aiming for reactions with greater effectiveness, for example.
  • Energy Science and Applied Technology: Developmental researches on energy science and applied technology, such as development  of composites to serve as energy storage, development of catalysts to increase Bio-Oil’s quality, development of Zeoilite, a crucial catalyst in the distillation process within petroleum chemical industry, the design and development of ion-inducing substance , and development of molecular-level reactions for increased effectiveness.
  • Biological Inspired Engineering and Sustainable Technology: Develop researches to ensure sustainability in application of naturally sourced materials, such as designs of scrubber in wastewater treatment system of pig farms; using locally sourced and reasonably priced materials, such as coconut spathe and nylon net, including development of absorbents from paper waste, development niche catalysts for biodegradable polymers production according to application, development of catalysts changing carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals, fuel, and production – with contributions in mitigating climate change impacts.
  • Data Science and Engineering: Development of digital data management and application, through connections with different tools via Internet of Things. It would be applied for usage in various fields, from engineering, sport science, architecture, urban planning, public health, information management, education, and industries.
  • Kamneotvidya Science Academy already has 3 classes of graduates, with the total number of candidates of 216. As of 2017-2018, Kamneotvidya's first Year 12 class, comprises 71 students, has graduated. Graduation diploma ceremony took place on Saturday 31st March, 2018. For more information, please visit Click here


Education and Learning Opportunities

PTT creates learning opportunities to provide the nation’s youth with a sound educational background and develop their capacity through a variety of initiatives, such as PTT Art Project. These include providing scholarships to students and making donations to schools to develop their infrastructure; organizing “Petro Camp to Petro Champ”, “Youth Greenovation Awards”, to name a few. Key projects implemented in 2017 include:


PTT Art Project

PTT collaborated with Silpakorn University to organize the 32th PTT art exhibition under the theme, “Following the King’s Footsteps”, continuing the late His Majesty’s effort in granting opportunities for artists of all level, inspired by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s works and his philosophy, to create arts. Commitments to continue following his guidance were also expressed. In 2017, there were as many as 840 submissions from across the country, sent by 761 artists. 24 Awards were granted in a ceremony presided by Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali. PTT collaborated with Thaksin University, Khon Khaew University, and Chinag Mai University in organizing the contest. There were over 1,000 submissions from PTT in different regions.


Petro Camp to Champ Petro

PTT organizes the Petro Camp to Champ Petro to promote knowledge of petrochemical industry, gas separation process, and energy to participants. The purpose of this camp is also to foster creativity in young people. In 2017, PTT organized this camp for the 12th year with a total of 55 participants from 13 high-schools across the country. The selected participants joined the Petro Camp to Champ Petro to learn more about petroleum science and environment. PTT collaborates with the King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi to select some of the participants and grant them with scholarships to study at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering at King Mongkut’s University of Technology for four years. Since this collaborative program started, 55 students received the scholarship and 27 students graduated. Some of the undergraduate students continued to study for Master of Energy Technology and Engineering while some of them are working in public and private sectors.

Youth Greenovation 2016

The Power of Learning Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology organized the “Youth Greenovation Awards 2016” opened for all students from all levels to compete for a trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. All participants were encouraged to demonstrate their creativity in inventing green and practical inventions with the opportunity to add more value to Startups and Social Enterprise projects. The two winning projects are.
  • For junior high school category, ‘Energy Converter for Travelers’, Satit Chulalongkorn School, Bangkok
  • For senior high school category, ‘DIY Filaments for 3D Printer’, Kamneotvidya School, Rayong
  • For vocational college category, ‘Reef conservation floats with tidal energy’, vocational college of Surathani, Surathani