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PTT collaborates with communities and networks from all sectors for the revival and conservation of natural resources in all operational and other areas across the country along with building awareness of natural resource conservation. Environmental conservation initiatives include:

Sustainable Eco System Forest Conservation

PTT Group continues its mission to maintain the 160,000 hectares forest area planted in honor of the 50th anniversary of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s ascension to the throne. In 2016, the total forest area was approximately 193,000 hectares with the carbon dioxide absorbing capability of 1.93 million tons, in comparison to 2024 target of 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide absorption. Apart from this project, PTT also worked with Kumpang Sub-District, Kaser Wisai District, Roi Et Porvince to establish the eucalyptus forest restoration model on an area of 36.8 hectares.
Furthermore, PTT has established an integrated learning center on forestry and forest restoration, serving as a public center for education on an area of 56.16 hectares in Pa Yup Nai Sub-District, Wang Chan District, Rayong Province, known as Wang Chan Forest Project. The learning center is to serve as a resource for education and research. Another project is the PTT Green in the City project, which aims to support the expansion of green spaces in the city and as part of its enduring commitment to reforestation.
For the Wang Chan Forest Project, PTT collaborated with PTT Reforestation Institute and local communities to develop the “Local Ecosystem Program” by integrating the natural resource and community database, developed by PTT, and the knowledge of environmental science and local community. This program was applied in school and non-formal education (i.e. local community and the Wang Chan Forest Integrated Leaning Center) through participatory action research approach. This program will raise awareness and understanding of natural resource conservation, including forest ecosystem, agriculture, and local culture, human-nature relationship, sustainable conservation measures.
For more information on PTT Forestation Institute and its projects, please visit





Bringing Knowledge from Research to Community Learning

Sirinart Rajini Ecosystem Center for Mangrove Forestation, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province: to transform an abandoned shrimp farm into a role model for mangrove ecosystem management. This learning center organizes a natural classroom project for knowledge transfer of mangrove ecosystem to students in surrounding area and visitors through workshops for a 9 month period. In 2016, 42,665 visitors visited to Sirinart Rajini Ecosystem Center.




Soil and Water Conservation Network

PTT works with the Chaipattana Foundation, Office of the Royal Development Projects Board (ORDPB), and the Land Development Department to promoting and developing vetiver products for use and sell. The communities can collaborate with the Chaipattana Foundation to generate income by selling vetiver products under the brand “Pat Pat”.

In 2016, PTT organized the vetiver festival under the concept of “Vetiver Conservation with Respect to His Majesty the Late King” in order to exchange knowledge of the benefits of vetiver grass in conserving soil and water, and sustainable land use.