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PTT's Green Public Awareness strategy is aimed at the sustainable conservation of natural resources – part of PTT's Green Roadmap strategy focusing on creating environmental balance. Environmental conservation initiatives include:


Sustainable Eco System Forest Conservation

In 1999, PTT initiated a one-million Rai reforestation project in Honor of His Majesty the King on the occasion of his 50th Anniversary of the Accession to the Throne. PTT has continued to monitor the project to ensure that the forested area is healthy and sustainable. In 2012, PTT established the PTT Reforestation Institute to preserve knowledge on reforestation and the conservation of forestry resources in collaboration with local communities. In 2015, PTT developed a forest ecosystem area of 12 Rai on Sukhaphiban 2 Road, Bangkok, as a green space in Bangkok based on the theory of Dr. Akira Miyawaki. The goal of the project was to create a natural forest area in the city and to serve as a learning center for sustainable forest ecosystems.

In 2010, PTT collaborated with external organizations including non-government organizations, conservationists, researchers, and the media to establish the Green Globe Institute, which aimed to support knowledge sharing on forestation through the Green Globe Award. The award opens opportunities for external parties to share experiences and discuss the issues that exist in each region for the development of engagement-based solutions and for learning exchanges among a wider audience. 


Bringing Knowledge from Research to Community Learning

PTT collaborates with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) under the Biodiversity Research and Training Program (BRT) to develop and assimilate biodiversity knowledge and research in order to cultivate environmental awareness in target areas. Examples include the Youth Conservation Camp and PTT Loves the Sea Camp. Additionally, PTT works with local communities in management learning centers and ecotourism schemes to generate income from protecting the ecosystem, such as by managing Sirinat Rachinee Learning Center of Mangrove Forest Biodiversity at Prachuab Kiri Khan Province. 


Soil and Water Conservation Network

PTT works with local communities to develop knowledge of the benefits of vetiver grass in conserving soil and water through The Royal Development Project on promoting and developing vetiver products for use. PTT also studies the application of vetiver grass in combination with proper engineering methods to prevent landslides in areas at risk across Thailand.

In 2015, PTT developed the "Vetiver Plantation for Landslide Reduction Project" in 14 pilot areas across the country, with the aim to apply knowledge on vetiver plantation in landslide prevention. Following implementation, the results from the projects were collected into an information pack entitled, "Techniques in the use of vetiver and plants in landslide prevention through 14 pilot case studies." Communities that participated in the project not only gain knowledge on vetiver use, but were also able to share their knowledge with others and increase income from harvesting planted vegetation.

Biodiversity Conservation

PTT also organized the Youth Camp to develop children's awareness of environmental conservation where a large number of students joined the camps and learned how to properly conserve their local coastal area and the sea. "Love the Native Land of Khanom Youth Camp" was held for the 5th consecutive time in Nakhon Si Thammarat. "PTT Loves the Thai Sea Youth Camp was held for the 10th consecutive time in

Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani. Moreover, PTT participated in various exhibitions, both national and international levels, to share biodiversity-related knowledge to pubic, which helped to enhance its corporate reputation in terms of social responsibility.