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Green Globes Institute

PTT focuses and prioritizes conservation and preservation of natural resources and the environment, which have direct relevance to community and society. Furthermore, PTT also recognized the importance of promotion and transmission of scientific and technological knowledge. PTT is committed to become an active part of society in promoting and strengthening knowledge, raising understanding with regards to conservation and preservation of nature. This was achieved via projects, activities, as well as collaborations with various agencies, both internal and external of PTT. There have been performances and activities, in collaboration with the public, consistently throughout the years. 
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"Sufficiency, Sharing, Connected, Soil, Water, Forest"
A 2-decade journey
From Green Globe Awards, to Green Global Institute


Since the day of initiation, the Green Globe Award, which was further developed from the concept of ‘Restoration restores more than trees,’ from PTT’s Royal Reforestation Project,  aiming at 0.16 hectare, has helped crystalized the conceptual working approach of ‘Reforestation in the Hearts.’ This was achieved through praises, acknowledgement of success, and encouragement to individuals, communities, as well as youths responsible for the protection of natural resource: soil, water, forest, with their heart and faith; the very core of culture and tradition. The collaboration enables successful value protection and natural resource conservation, with the determination transcends through generations. It is the beginning of self-empowerment, both for individuals involved and for communities.

Presently, Green Globe Award has moved forward and became Green Globe Institute, operating under the PTT Foundation, supported by PTT, with the core principle of operating as work. A project may end, but work – is a different work of operation. The Institute represents the dedication and commitment PTT has in protecting natural resources and the environment. The Institute continues to seek, praise, and encourage those who have done well, who remains honest and firm about their determination to protect natural resources and the environment. These people serve as a good role model, enabling good knowledge sharing in conservation of natural resources and environment in the society.

Simultaneously, the Institute also embarks on a greater task, namely: knowledge building with local communities in consideration to each unique community’s tradition and ecosystem. The learning process integrates scientific principle and technological expertise. Green Globe Network is the channel of information exchange for all award recipients across the country. Individuals who are interested, as well as stakeholders in different levels can also join in to share experience with hands-on conservation, and discuss environmental challenges of each region. Green Globe Friends activities are organized to strengthen the knowledge in natural resource management among locals, which integrated valuable wisdom from locals, academics, and other fellows in Green Globe network. The efforts focus in data collection for further analysis, synthesis, conclusion, and key knowledge extraction – enabling distribution of knowledge back to the community and those interested, facilitate conservation in a daily basis.

Green Globe Award

Green Globe Awards are separated into 7 categories, which are:

1. Community (Community, urban community, community network) 5. Youths’ essays
2. Individuals 6. Media
3. Texts 7. Sippanon Ketutat Sustainability Award
4. Youths


Throughout the period of implementation, the project helps enrich over 299,386 hectares, comprises of the land forests at 289,395 hectares, and mangrove forests at 9,992 hectares. These are the proven achievements of natural resource conservation across the country. Green Globe Network comprises 125 communities, 104 people, and 89 youths, all of which are able to exchange knowledge, experience and encourage one another.