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PTT Human Rights Risk Assessment

PTT conducted a human rights risk assessment across PTT Group in 2015 and ran a review of PTT Group’s operation in 2016. The risk assessment covered activities at the country, sector, and operational level in 23 countries where PTT has operations, and involved the identification of issues, impacts on vulnerable groups, and impact likelihood at the national, business, and individual levels. Vulnerable groups include women, ethnic indigenous group, migrant labor, gender minority, disabled group, and children.

Human rights risk ratings are assessed on two factors: impact and likelihood.

Risk Rating Scale: Impact

The human rights impact depends on its scale, scope, and irremediability (any limits on the ability to restore those affected to a situation at least the same as, or equivalent to, their situation before the adverse impact).

Impact Level

Description of Impacts

4​ ​Critical
- Human rights impacts affect a larger scale or targeted at particular population groups (gross human rights abuse) 
  beyond the scope of the operational area beyond the scope of the operational area
- Operation is unable to control or remediate human rights impacts to restore the ability of an individual to enjoy his 
  or her human rights
- Impacts/situations of human rights abuses require the involvement of independent, trusted expert advice from 
  outside in helping it reach decisions that are credible and seen by others as credible together with the operation
3​ ​Major
- Operation is knowingly providing practical assistance or encouragement that has a substantial effect on the 
  commission of human rights violation (Legal Complicity)
- Human rights are violated at the individual level by the operation and value chains
- Operation has disputes over human rights related concerns with vulnerable individuals/groups within the areas
​2 Moderate
- Operation is seen to benefit from abuses committed by other (Non-legal Complicity)
- Business fails to provide response to or communication on the human rights related concerns raised by internal or 
  external individuals or groups
​1 Minor - Potential impacts of human rights related concerns raised by internal or external individuals or groups are 
   resolved/prevented by the operational level grievance mechanism resolved/prevented by the operational level 
   grievance mechanism

Risk Rating Scale: Likelihood

Likelihood Level

Description of Likelihood

4​ ​Likely
The event has occurred in the operation several times per year
3​ ​Possible
The event occurred in the operation several times
​2 Unlikely
The event rarely occur in the operation, but possible to occur
​1 Rare
The event occurred several times in the industry of the operation but unlikely to happen in the operation

PTT Human Rights Risk Matrix


Risk Level:

Extreme High Medium Low​​

Based on the assessment, identified risk issues include employment practices within PTT Group’s supply chain, environmental management and stakeholder engagement around PTT’s Group operations. The percentage of operational sites with high risks is 31% of the total operational sites in PTT Group, accounted for 20 sites from 65 sites. Of all the high risk areas, the percentage of sites with mitigation plans in place in 2016 is approximately 50%. Mitigation plans for areas with high risks include the implementation of PTT Group’s management systems such as Security, Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SSHEMS), Sustainability Management Framework, PTT Way of Conduct, etc.