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Management Approach 

PTT has maintained its transportation and logistics safety management to sustainably reduce numbers of accident, in line with the company’s ESG management for the benefit of communities, society, and environment. In 2012, PTT formed the Logistic Zero Accident Steering Committee and enacted the policy regarding PTT Group Road Safety Management Guideline (RSMG). With this continued efforts in the past 7 years, more than 2,400 transport vehicles operated by PTT’s contractors have strictly operated in line with PTT Group safety policy.


PTT Group Road Safety Management Guideline, RSMG


PTT continues to push forth its zero major accident target to reduce impacts of accidents occurring during the transport of products on the company, the society, and the environment. The company sets the target that major accidents should occur less than 0.05 times per 1 million km, or one major accident per 20 million km. To achieve this, PTT has adopted various logistic and transport safety measures, including installing In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) with GPS system and CCTV in and outside of vehicles which are under 24-hour real-time monitoring by the logistics and transportation monitoring center to ensure rapid responses; installing Fatigue Detection system to reduce fatigue which is the cause of more than 80% of road accidents and; conducting safety management inspections of logistic contractors in line with the RSMG to ensure that the guideline and policy is strictly enforced as stipulated in PTT group’s policy.

In addition, to ensure that PTT Group has continuously maintained high performance in transport and logistic safety to sustainably reduce impacts on communities, society, and environment, PTT has given PTT Group Logistics Zero Accident and Eco-Driving Award 2018 to excellent transport and logistic contractors who achieved best performances for Zero Accident project, and Fuel Saving Program. The Fuel Saving Program was set to encourage transport contractors to comply with PTT Group’s requirements for the safe transport of products, and reduced fuel usage by 2.5 million litre per year, which saved up to 63 million THB per year and reduce 6,929 tonnes of GHG emissions annually.

From these PTT Group’s efforts to reduce transportation accidents through good cooperation with transport contractors, numbers of major land transportation accidents continue to decrease, as shown in the figure below.





To achieve PTT Group’s long term target (achieving zero accident by 2023), PTT has set the 2019 target at 0.040 times per 25 million km or one major accident per 25 million km.