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Our Business

Photo Caption : PTT presents Texas Chicken® in Thailand

Texas Chicken as Thailand consumers’ latest fried-chicken dining option.

PTT presents Texas Chicken® in Thailand

People across the country to Thailand

​PTT Group, RATCH to jointly expand SE Asian energy investment

Create development opportunities for the energy security of the country.

PTT fast-tracks addition to NGV service stations

So that people who use the service have been more convenient.

PTT launches 5th Wonders of Winter Plants, Tulips in Bloom in Rayong, showcasing cryogenic energy applications of Rayong GSP

Innovation Power Cooling Rayong Gas Separation Plant.

Photo Caption : “Religious Legacy” Project supported by PTT

Thai motor sportsman at WSBK encouraged by PTT execs

Rayong to become R&D, science hub after PTT Group’s move

Minister of Energy, Rayong governor inspect overall progress of academy, institute

Photo Caption : 33rd PTT Library dedicated

PTT has a policy to build the library. To give schools And communities in the region that the continued shortage.