PTT Group persuades Children to seek their dreams on Children’s Day 2019.

12 January 2019
Be a part of PTT KID gang exploring and completing the energy mission in “The company’s 2019 National Children’s Day activity”. Children can enjoy new experiences, activities, and shows as well as embrace digital world and explore for the future. The activity is designed in terms of edutainment to boost children’s awareness in environmental and social responsibility because the children of today are the future of tomorrow.

Today (January 12, 2019), Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, PTT President & Chief Executive Officer said “PTT Group has organized “The company’s 2019 National Children’s Day activity” under the concept of “Future Explorer, Entering to Digital World”. The objective is to provide children not only entertainment, but also knowledge. The provided activities enhance children’s creativity as well as innovative thinking, and also encourage them to apply the knowledge in their daily life. They are expected to become noble, capable, and responsible members of the society and to help drive the country to prosperity security and sustainability, so as to be able to play a part in national security and sustainability, when they grow up. The event is under the collaboration among PTT Group consisting of PTT, PTTEP, GC, Thaioil, IRPC, GPSC, PTTOR, and ENCO together with PTT’s clients and partners.

Mr. Chansin added that regarding this year’s activities, children can earn both knowledge and fun, doing mission with many adventures and enjoy various activities. This is to enhance children’s energy-saving mind and awareness of natural resource conservation. Also, they can participate the outdoor stage performances as well as a lot of prizes at the front lawn of the complex. Furthermore, at the second-floor auditorium, an animation film on “GODJI the adventure” is presented.  

“Besides the Children’s day activity held at PTT Headquarter, PTT also organized the Children’s day activity in other areas, where PTT offices are located in, including in the area of Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Herb Garden in Rayong province,  Wangchan Forest Project in Rayong,  Sirinart Rajini Ecosystem Learning Center in Prajuabkirikhan province, and the metro forest project on Sukhapiban 2 road, Bangkok.  PTT has greatly placed emphasis on developing an education system for young people as today's children will become tomorrow's adults who will play an important role in developing and driving the country’s future.”