Work challenges in the energy business, which has backed the country's security and sustainability for over 40 years, coupled with widely diverse new businesses, have constituted PTT's prime missions and goals.

PTT's Approach to HR Development

  • Solve immediate problems on work site quickly and systematically
  • Work with colleagues of diverse ages and experience using critical thinking
  • Advocate creativity
  • Manage people and work with others with ease
  • Focus on innovation excellence, assess problems and make wise decisions
  • Manage business and service as well as negotiation for desired goals
  • Be familiar with digital technology and keep up with prevailing changes with a focus on speed, high efficiency, and staff convenience
  • Pay due respect to good governance, morality, and ethics to ensure transparency and accountability
  • Command social responsibility to create trust among stakeholders in both public and private sectors, as well as shareholders, the public, communities, and the environment.


PTT values care of staff wellbeing from their first day on the job to their dismissal by either retirement or other reasons.

PTT has prepared staff welfare and benefit packages, such as reimbursement for medical expenses, health insurance, provident fund, reimbursement for customized training and self-development expenses, staff's children education support, and discounts for oil refueling.

Facilities are provided on company premises, including a clinic equipped with doctors from leading hospitals, a fitness club, a swimming pool, and a gym. PTT Head Office is situated next door to Wachirabenchathat Park (State Railway Public Park) – one of Bangkok's main public parks, where staff can exercise within easy reach.


PTT believes in limitless staff potential and competence.

It has in place a career development plan for all staff. Moreover, staff are allowed to apply for a change in jobs of interest, if they meet their requirements, to support their career growth and ensure optimal balance between their life and work.

It also provides scholarships for new graduates with outstanding scholastic records (graduation with honors). Scholarships of various kinds are also available.

PTT has established a PTT Leadership and Learning Institute (PLLI) to provide continuous development for its human resources through various learning models, developed through cutting-edge learning technologies.


In addition to strengthening sustainability for the energy business and Thailand as a whole, one of PTT’s prime missions over the past four decades include fostering awareness of natural resource and environmental conservation. The mission is also to relentlessly inspire society and communities with environmental care, such as a reforestation project in honor of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol The Great, Metro Forest Project, Sirinart Rajini Ecosystem Learning Center, Wang Chan Forest Learning Center, Our Kung Bang Kachao Project, The Vetiver Planting Project under a royal initiative, and the Green Globe Award project, organized with communities across the country for over 20 years.

PTT Value

PTT Value

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